What Am I To You?- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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I walked into the empty apartment,my head filled with the voices of last night’s fight.Harry and I always argued over the most stupid,random things someone could possibly imagine.We were always breaking up,then making up the following day.Our relationship became more of a dependecy one rather than a loving,caring one.But I guess none of us cared anymore.All of the passion we shared was enough to keep us together.I was totally relying on Harry about everything and he was relying on me.I think somewhere along the way,we weren’t independent anymore.We couldn’t live without each other.And that,maybe,became the problem.
Last night was an intense one.Our voices echoed in his big,glamorous mansion,making the argument even louder.Even more intense.To be exact,I don’t remember the reason me and him came to a rupture but I do remember Harry taking that big frame of us off of the wall and smashing it with all of his strength.His blood pressure was high.His heart was beating fast and hard.I got scared.Intimidated by the look on his face and the tone of his voice.I decided to stand up to him.
“If you hate me as much as you say,then why are you staying with me?”,I asked
“If only I knew”he screamed back.
“Do I mean anything to you,anymore?”
he didn’t answer.
“Answer me!What am I to you,Harry?”
He took a deep breath and tried his best to calm down.
“Nothing”,he replied and with that,he walked away.
Now here I am,lying on the ground.I don’t cry.I can’t cry.I think that I run out of tears,If that is evenpossible.Myeyes are red and my heart is beating slow.How am I supposed to live without him?
I hear a crack on the door.A tall,black figure slowly walks in.I can hear the heavy footsteps coming closerandcloser.It is him.I know it is him.I could recognise his natural scent everywhere.He stands right in front of me.He goes down on his knees trying to see my face clearly but I hide it.He uses his finger to wipe my tear away.I guess I started tearing without even noticing.I think he slightly smiled a little bit.
Unexpectedly,he crashes his lips on mine.He tried to make this as slow and sweet as possible.I respond.I can feel his tongue entering my mouth.I break the kiss and look deep into these green,sparkly eyes.I kiss him back rough.I rip his white shirt off and he picks me up,pushing me against the wall,causing the picture we had hanged up there,to fall.His hands go down all the way to my hips and then,to my white skirt.He doesn’t remove the skirt.He enters his finger inside me,getting past through my underwear without taking it off.He goes hard.He goes deep.And he doesn’t mind whether he hurts me or not.Neither do I.I moan and press his half-naked body closer to mine.My fingers run through his messy curls.Without breaking the kiss,I remove his belt and then his pants.I massage him and he moans in my mouth.
“Enough teasing”,he says with his raspy voice
He enters me fast and he goes deep.I don’t think he ever got that deep into me.I gasp.It hurts.A lot.
He realised the pain I experienced so he slightly backed off.He was always caring and protective even when he was mad.He looks me in the eyes and I give him a ‘thank you’ look.He smirks.My neck is now wet because of the kisses he decided to plant me.His tongue touches every inch of my neck and his curls tickles my face.I bury my head in between his armbit and his head and he moans as I leave love bites.Still inside me,he removes my shirt and unclasps my bra.He touches my boobs with his large hands and starts massaging them.I moan a little bit louder but he stops me.
“Let’s make this quiet.It turns me even more on”,he says and I nod.My hands go through his chest and all of his tattoos.I squeeze his big,muscular arm as he again,goes a little bit deeper.His heavy breath is all over my neck.I can feel his pleasure.He suddenly picks me up and lays me down on the cold floor.I try to get on top but he stops me.
“No.Tonight,it is all about you”
He enters me again,this time more gently.I can tell he tries to go slow,even though he wants us to keep on going hard and fast.But there is a difference between ‘havin sex’ and ‘making love’.We are now making love.He makes love to me for the first time since forever,with the moonlight bouncing inside his emerald eyes.I press my nails in his back and scratch it a little bit,going all the way down.The fireplace next to us,is making his left side warmer and I could finally see his full face clearly.As I lay my head back in pleasure and closing my eyes,I can hear him murmuring in my ear.
“Do you remember what you asked this morning?”
I was taken away by the moment.I was out of breath and unable to speak but he continues.
“You asked me what you are to me.Ask that again.”
I stare at his eyes for a while,while biting my lip a little and,in between slow breaths,I ask him with hardly any voice.
“What am I to you?”
He leans in and kisses my nose and my chin.And then,with that craspy,low voice of his, and while he kisses me right below my ear,he replies.

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