Morning Surprise- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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The sun seeped through our bedroom window, signalling my body to roll out of my bed. Which, I have to say, was pretty tough considering my eyes were still closed and I was basically stationary.

I finally decided to get up out of bed when I realized…My wrists are tied to the bed….

I looked up to see that I was very right. My wrists were together in a very skilled knot, bound with what seemed to be a plaid shirt.

I looked around for similar surroundings; and indeed, I was in my house…But something was missing.

I turned to the left…Harry wasn’t there. It was only 8:30…on a weekend…

Well, now I know who tied me up…

“Hey baby…” I quickly faced my front in startlement.

It was Harry. In his boxers. And his stupid sexy smirk was plastered on his face.

He approached me on the bed, close enough that his lips were lingering on mine, teasing them. It was only then that I realized I was fully naked. On display for him.

“Did my little (Y/N) sleep well?” He whispered, gently rubbing my sides with his large hands.

“Yes…But why am I tied-”

“Well baby…”

He suddenly leaped onto the bed and started to kiss me. There was nothing sweet about the kiss; less like his words. It was sloppy and messy. Teeth, tongue, everything.

“Baby I need you to be quiet,” He moaned in the kiss “you don’t wish to be punished…do you?”

I gulped. “N-No…”'

He flashed that stupid smirk of his again and then made his way down me.

The kisses were quick and sloppy, each leaving a trail of saliva behind, marking my body as his.

“Fuck.” I whimpered, forgetting about what he said just minutes before.

He stopped his kisses, just a touch away from my core.

He came up and pouted at me. “Baby, I told you, no moaning.”

I took a larger gulp than before.

“Now I have to punish you.” His pout grew larger now, mocking me and the mistake I had made.

Harry removed himself from me and went over to the drawer beside the bed. He fumbled around, looking for what he wanted with close concentration.

He suddenly pulled out a red plug shaped object, with a black tail attached to it…. Fucking hell, he was kinky.

I looked at him in awe, i was so scared yet turned on.

I stared at him as he walked over to the bed.

“Now baby, I’m going to untie you…but, because of you disobeying me, this,” He pointed to the ass plug. “is going to be inside of your ass, and you’re not saying a word, got it?”

“Yes Harry.” I mumbled, afraid but still bubbled with excitement.

He proceeded to undo the knot effortlessly, just one tug and it was back to the small loose plaid shirt.

“On all fours.” He demanded, not wanting to waste time.

I obeyed and turned, my knees firm on the bed. “Now, this might hurt a little baby…” I waited as Harry started to insert the plug up my buttocks, I winced in pain as the plug stretched me out.

I suddenly felt a sharp hit on my right ass cheek. Did he just spank me?

He gave me another sharp spank on the left cheek. I whimpered, remembering that if i let out just a little moan, god knows what else he’d do to me. He must have heard because of the soft groan he let out.

The plug continued to ease slowly into my ass, until it was firm inside, leaving me stretched and aching in both pain and pleasure.

“Now, as part of your punishment, you’re going to blow me.” His voice was now very low, as a result of lust.

He maneuvered to the headboard of the bed and stood there, resting his hips on it. We both stared at each other for a while, taking in both of our complexions. His beautiful, now dark green, orbs that he called “eyes”, his fucking lips that could kiss me anywhere and make me moan, and fuck….his beautiful fucking body.

“Take off my boxers with your teeth.” He suddenly demanded, breaking the trance we had on each other. 

I moved closer and clasped my teeth on the white strip of the black boxers. I slowly pulled them down, locking my eyes with Harry the entire time. I let them go once I was halfway there, leaving them to pool at his feet.

I got onto my knees and took my hands around his long 8 inch. I brought it towards my lips and licked the tip, swirling my tongue every so often.

“Fucking hell (Y/N)” He gave a throaty moan as he gently grasped my hair in his big hands.

I had to admit, I was never used to his size, and I don’t think I ever would be…he was just so big.

I descended down onto him, giving one large suck before starting to bob up and down.

“(Y/N), fuck, don’t stop…” He continued moaning, his head back and eyes closed, sweat drenching down his face.

I continued to bobbing my head, making sure to hollow my cheeks. I came up every so often to suck on his tip and then went back down.

I gently grasped his balls with my hands, playing with them so I could pleasure him more.

“FUCK, YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD!” He was yelling now, the pleasure becoming considerably too much for him. He pushed my head further on him, making me gag continuously from his tip hitting the back of my throat. I was gagging so much, that saliva was coming out of my mouth…But I didn’t care, as long as he enjoyed it.


I felt his warm, sweet yet salty, liquid shoot down my throat, quenching my thirst. Harry took a moment to get down from his high.

He got down and pushed me onto the bed, roughly kissing me; leaving no air for either of us. He kissed across my jaw line, sucking every so often to mark me as his. He got to my ear and started to suck on my earlobe, whilst whispering, “Baby we’re gonna fuck now, and remember, no moans or I’ll have to punish you again.” He hovered over me, lining his dick up with my entrance.

“Fuck I love you.” He smiled.

And then he rammed into me.

Honestly, from the first thrust it was all too much. His dick pounding into me with such force, finding my g-spot instantly. And the friction of my body moving, made the ass plug move, causing the best pleasure I’ve ever had.

“Fuck, you’re tight..” Harry grunted, clearly enjoying himself.

I fucking wanted to moan so bad, so fucking bad. But I couldn’t…I wouldn’t.

Harry bent down so he was close enough to my ear to whisper again. “Fuck, you wanna moan, don’t you?” I whimpered. “You wanna tell me how much you fucking love my big cock in your tiny little pussy. You wanna tell the whole fucking world how good I fuck you. Don’t you, you little slut?”

I couldn’t bare it anymore.

“YES, FUCK HARRY, YOU’RE SO GOOD!” I screamed, letting it all out.

Harry smirked at me, “You fucking slut, I told you not to fucking moan.”

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of you now.”

I didn’t know that it was humanly possible for his thrusts to get any faster, but they did. He rammed into me, knocking the air out of me.

“FUCK, HARRY!” I screamed, clearly not caring who heard.

“FUCK (Y/N) YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD!” Harry yelled.

I felt the familiar knot in stomach forming, signalling I was close.

Harry went faster and harder, desperately trying to reach his high.

It was all too much. The smell of sex was filling the air, infiltrating my lungs. And the sounds of skin slapping and synchronized moaning made it worse.

“YES, FUCK HARRY I’M GONNA CUM!” I yelled out, my lungs needing air.

“ME TOO BABE, ME TOO” Harry yelled back.

Sweat was covering both of us, which would be extremely uncomfortable, if it wasn’t for the immense pleasure we were feeling.

It was all so sudden, but we both came; no thinking, no yelling, we just came.

Harry collapsed on top of me, slightly crushing my body. But I didn’t care, I just needed to lay down.

“Well, that was fun.” Harry chimed in, a smile now on his face.

He rolled off me, laying beside me and hugging my body tight.

“Yes, yes it was…but, can I get this plug out my ass?” I giggled.

He laughed. “Ok baby, ok.”

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