Chapter Twenty-Three» She's Gone

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The bright lights shinning through the blinds, illuminated across the room. Spreading in each corner. Like snow melting all around, the warmth of the sun sent shivers down my spine.

I was warm. Way too warm.

A low manly groan sounded beside me. Making my eyes shoot open, cold shudders running through me. Everything in that moment stilled as I remained glued to my spot, unable to move. A large arm was draped around my waist making it harder for me to move or breath, feeling my heart drop.

" Naina stop moving" Omars husky voice whispered besides my ear. Leaving me breathless, slightly lightheaded.

What am I doing here? In Omars bed? Oh my God how did I get here? These thoughts ran through my mind torturing me.

It was until that moment that the events of last night flashed before me. Making me relax and exhale softly.

Heat raided my cheeks as I pushed Omars large arm away, hearing him groan. Reaching towards the end of the bed I stood up, glancing at the sleeping form on the bed not daring to say anything.

I could feel my eyes widening seeing Omar had discarded his top and was sleeping shirtless. Surprisingly he renained asleep on his front, reveling his toned back. I knew I shouldn't be looking yet I couldn't help feeling my gaze roam through his back, seeing a few scars and cuts on it. His left arm was draped beside him, whilst his right arm on top of his head.

Blocking his features.

" Like what you see? " He teased snapping my trains of thoughts. Shaking my head almost to no one, I found myself blushing furiously. Looking upwards at the clock I was surprised to see it had struck half six in the morning.

I had enough time for a shower and get breakfast ready for mum and dad. Just the thought of seeing my parents, knowing they were in the same house as me had a huge grin plastering my face. Not wasting a moment, I rushed out of Omars room, and in to mine, feeling his heated look on me.

The events of last night had dispersed away from my mind. As I found myself standing in front of the mirror, half an hour later, dressed in a simple cream long dress shirt and black khaki pants. Pulling my hair in to a loose bun, a few rogue loose stands cupped around my face.

Giving one last look at the mirror, a sense of warmth filled me knowing I looked decent enough.

It didn't take long for me to walk downstairs and in to the quiet kitchen. Mum and dad, still hadn't woken up giving me enough time to get breakfast ready.

It was until five minutes later as I prepared the food, that Omar walked inside, dressed in casual attire. Without even looking upwards, I knew he walked inside the room, making me tense slightly, a tingly feeling erupting in my stomach.

You'll be okay. Nothing will happen to you.

His voice whispered from last night. Sending shivers down my spine. I could feel him looking at me, yet I paid no need, not wanting to confront him of the events  from last night. How he held me, during the darkest hours, whispering tales of comfort.

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