Chapter 19

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“Sir, we really should be getting going now.” One of the Royal Guards whispered to Harry as the curly hair vampire continued to watch Evelyn hugged each and every one of her family goodbye with tearful eyes.

Harry nodded with a sigh. “Give her a few more minutes; this may be one of the last times she will ever see her family.”

“But my Lord, we’ve already delayed our departure for over an hour now; how much longer do you expect us to wait?”

The same smile that found its way onto Harry’s face at sunrise when Evelyn kissed his cheek was still lingering on his face. “As long as it takes; Zayn would want Evelyn's last few moments with her family to be perfect.”

The guard made a face and opened his mouth and complain but thought better of it. Though Harry was one of the kinder Lords to work for, he still had a mean temper when he’s irritated.

“I’m going to miss you so much mother.” Evelyn whispered into Lynette Blackburn’s ear as she pulled away from her mother’s embrace.

“I shall miss you as well, Eve.” Lynette replied as she held back a sob. “Promise me that you will ring us, write to us, e-mail us or something every week… Please, I need to know if my baby is doing alright.”

Evelyn smiled. “I will try, mother.”

Slowly, Evelyn backed away from her mother and smiled politely at her still very distant father with sorrow in her face. Tears blurred her vision but she wiped them away quickly; she wanted to remember her parents and Nora’s face before she leave.

Hesitantly, Evelyn gave her father one last awkward hug as she gathered her emotions together; ready to separate from the people whom she loved the most. The Blackburn family was a big one and though Jonathan and Lynette had sent out invitations for Evelyn’ departure in hope that their daughter could see their family for one last time; no one showed up.

It wasn’t a surprising turnout though. Most of the Blackburn family were raised in the traditional way of humans; they despised the vampire race with their soul. By the way the newspaper and magazines were portraying the incident between Ethan, Evelyn and Zayn during the young Blackburn’s last birthday, most of them would probably think that Evelyn betrayed her family and lead the King on – though it wasn’t true.

“I will miss you father.” Evelyn sobbed. That morning, she thought she could say her goodbyes and leave without any tears no problem; but she was wrong.

The moment she saw her mother, father, Nora and the servants who had watched her grow up in the Grand foyer, ready to say their goodbyes, Evelyn broke down. Reality finally hit and she realised just much unready she was to leave and say goodbye to everyone that she ever loved…

“I will miss you as well, Eve.” Jonathan Blackburn replied with a weak voice. Though he was trying to keep a strong face and pretend that he was proud of his daughter for going into the Palace, he was dying inside. He loathed himself for not being strong or brave enough to reject the King’s demands.

He hated himself for not being able to protect his youngest daughter – the apple to his eye.

Slowly, Evelyn pulled out of her father’s arms and moved onto Nora. “Bye Nora; I’ll miss you.”

“You better go now; they’re waiting.” The older Blackburn replied simply in a cold voice. Though Nora still wasn’t talking to her little sister, you could tell that she was upset about Evelyn leaving.

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