Didn't Realize- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“Harry?” I call as I come through the front door closing it quietly behind me. No answer. I slowly creep up the stairs and as I’m making my way across the landing I hear muffled moans. Is that fucker having sex in my bed? I ask myself, the door is ajar and I sneakily peep through the crack in the door. I’m greeted by the sight of my best friend sprawled out across my sheets pumping his massive length in his huge hands. His eyes are closed and his pink plump bottom lip is held by his perfect teeth. I watch in amazement but also guilt at the fact that this is wrong beyond compare and as I’m about to slowly move away from the door. “Uhh, Y/n” Harry lets out a soft moan. I gasp in disbelief and Harry’s eyes snap to the door, my eyes widen and I start to run down the stairs. “I’m sorry Harry, I didn’t… realize” I shout. But Harry clambers down the stairs after me and without a single word he picks me up and returns to my room.

“Harry, what are you-” I start to say but I’m cut off “shut-up” Harry mutters. He doesn’t let go. My legs are wrapped around his waist and our foreheads are pressed together. Harry looks deeply into my eyes with his; a darker shade than usual. I can tell by the way he is breathing and the look on his face that he is trying to think of a way to explain himself. I can’t take it anymore and I hungrily kiss his gorgeous plump lips without entirely thinking it through. Harry’s lips remained still for a few moments before he forcefully took over.

Feeling his erection on my ass as he passionately kissed me, I ran my nails up his back and down his chest tracing along his tattoos. Harry moaned loudly into my mouth and I smiled knowingly. Harry finally moved to the bed where he threw me down and rid me of all form of clothing, I quickly spread my legs eagerly and he smirked letting out a familiar chuckle. It was so wrong doing this with my best friend, but it felt so good. He knelt on the floor before me and his eyes searched my body hungrily licking his lips, his eyes met mine before he attacked my wet slit running his tongue up and down. Harry moved his mouth to my throbbing clit and he sucked hard, my upper body quickly rose from the comfort of the bed and my hands found themselves grabbing onto fistfuls of his curled brown locks encouraging him further, animalistic growls leaving both of our mouths.

He instantly inserted two long fingers into me and I gasped. He pumped faster and faster, strings of moans left my mouth and I grabbed the white sheets. As he fingered me brought his mouth back down to my clit and sucked hard. My orgasm was nearing and I let him know, he nodded curling his long fingers hitting my g-spot. “Oh, Harry!” I screamed as my orgasm hit and my juices released over his hand and around his fingers. He brought his finger to his mouth and sucked hard, cleaning them. “You taste so good, baby.” He smiled, and kissed me hard allowing me to taste myself.

Harry grabbed my breasts and began massaging them, swirling his tongue around each hard nipple. He then teased me with the tip of his length at my entrance. I tried to suppress moans, feeling a little embarrassed. “Let it out babe; let everyone know who is making you feel good.” He said with his sexy raspy voice. “Harry Styles, fuck me right now.” I yelled. He smirked again. “I like teasing you babe, you make the sexiest face” He laughed kissing me on the nose.

“For fucks sake, Harry!” I screamed and rolled us over, my instant rush of anger caused me to become strong as hell and Harry looked at me with widened eyes. “What?” I asked smirking. He didn’t answer he just leaned up and kissed me harder this time. “You look so fucking hot, y/n!” He raised his voice containing a slight tremble, turning me on even more. “Shut up!” I demanded and slammed down on him, I gasped at the feeling of him filling me up. As he let out little pants and gasped for air. I quickly moved up and down on his length tightening my walls around him. “Ah, fuck y/n, you feel so good around me!” He managed to let out with another gasp. I rolled my hips into his a few times as he held my ass firmly. I felt his dick twitch inside me. “I’m close.” He groaned and I could feel my orgasm coming close also.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and bit his plump bubble-gum lip, looking into my eyes with his a very dark shade of green. I threw my head back and rubbed my clit hard in figure eights. “Oh, Harry!” I screamed and my orgasm took over quickly followed by him filling me with his load. I slowly slid off Harry lying down beside him on my bed. We lay in silence for a good ten minutes staring at the ceiling. Not another word was said, we just lay there smiling at each other like idiots until we fell asleep. 

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