C Is For Camera- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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The sex life between Harry and you isn’t that great… Maybe a game would spice things up a bit? 

“Guess what today is!” She says, skipping into the kitchen still wearing my shirt she’d fallen asleep in. It was the ramones one she loved so much. It was big on her but not too big. It fell just below the curve of her bum. I could see the white lace panties she had on under the shirt when she bounced and I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about what was under those panties.

I took a bite of my cereal and looked at her warily. “What is today?”

She pulls the hat from behind her back that I somehow hadn’t noticed and shakes it excitedly. “Letter picking day!” She says gleefully and I nod looking back at my cereal.

“Ladies first.” I say as I swallow my cocoa puffs and take the hat from her. I shake around letters and hold the hat up so she can’t see what she grabs. She grabs one quickly and pulls back, eagerly looking to see what letter it is. She grins happily when she sees it and I try to grab it from her but she moves it from my reach.

“Ah, ah, ah. Patience, Harry. You’ll see what the letter is when you get home tomorrow night.” She says slyly and I groan. I had work all day tomorrow and she knew that. I’d be home late and probably would want to just fall in bed, but I knew she wouldn’t give up on what she wanted so I just nodded and finished my cereal before kissing her cheek and heading off to work.


I get home from work and run a hand through my curls before setting my keys on the key holder. I shrug off my jacket and set it on the coat rack and make my way to the kitchen in search of water. I find a bottle and unscrew the cap taking a sip and closing the fridge. I see a pink post it stuck at my eye level and I pluck it from the surface.

Come upstairs and lay in bed. Don’t fall asleep! Xoxo

I chuckled softly at her hastily written note and made my way upstairs quickly. I found our bedroom door open and our bed nicely made. There was a video camera set up to the side of the room and I cocked an eyebrow but didn’t question it. I quickly hopped onto the bed. I only rested a few minutes before she stepped out of the bathroom in black lace panties and bra with a tiny red bow between her breasts. Her hair cascaded over her shoulder and she wore bright red lipstick; a contrast to her lingerie.

I gasped quietly and realized I wasn’t breathing. I forced air in and out of my lungs as she sauntered over to me, the click of her heels tapping against the hardwood floor. She leaned over to me and smiled sexily before kissing me, but only for a teasing moment. She pulled away almost as soon she her lips met mine and kissed a path to my ear.

“My letter was ‘C’… and I thought, what better way to remember our first letter than to have it all on camera….” She whispered, trailing her nails against my clothed stomach to the edge of my jeans. I didn’t have any words to say so I merely nodded and let her click the camera into record mode.

She slid onto the bed easily and straddled my lap. My hands clumsily held her hips and my thumbs pressed into her soft skin. We began kissing and touching each other and I nearly forgot about the camera as her hands palmed me through my jeans.

“Off… want them… off.” I grunted. She complied easily and worked her hands over the zipper with ease. She tugged them off of my legs and took my boxers along with it. She moved back into my lap and kissed me again, this time grinding her clothed crotch against my hard cock. I could feel her eagerness through her lace panties and I moaned softly at the friction. I pulled away and took my shirt off, discarding it somewhere across the room. Her lips were back on mine in an instant and we both moaned.

“I want you to fuck me now.” She breathed heavily. I nodded quickly and pushed her off of me and laid her down onto her back. I hooked my fingers on her panties and pulled them down slowly, teasing her. I kissed along her thigh and her calf as the panties came down and I heard her breathing increase. Her hands were holding the bed sheets tightly when I finally put my fingers in her.

Her back arched off the bed and a loud moan escaped from her mouth as I curled my fingers inside her. I pumped them slowly, getting her worked up. I needed her to be ready and needy for me when I entered her.

“Ungh, Harry… please,” She whined. “I want you, not your fingers.”

I pulled my two fingers out and she sighed at the loss of contact. She breathed in sharply when I moved up to her and rubbed my cock up and down her slit to lubricate it. I slipped into her slowly, letting her adjust before starting to move my hips.

Once I got a rhythm going she wrapped her legs around my hips to get deeper inside her. Apparently that helped hit a certain spot because she moaned loudly whenever I thrust into her. I pulled her leg up so it rest on my shoulder while the other squeezed my hip and my head fell back, my lips parting in a groan.

“You’re so fucking good, fuck.” I mumbled as I increased my speed. She moaned in response and clenched her walls around me. I felt myself getting close but I was determined to let her come before me.

Almost as if she read my mind she started whimpering. “I’m close, Harry, oh fucking god, I’m so close.”

“Come for me babe. Come on my cock. Show me how well I fucked you, make me feel how good I fucked you. Come for me now.” I whined as she clenched on me.

Her back arched off the bed and I continued my thrusts as her walls spastically clenched around me. I groaned loudly as she orgasmed and I felt myself lose control. I came inside of her in a few short spurts. I kept thrusting in and out of her until I felt every drop of my come was inside her.

I pulled out slowly, letting her leg down from my shoulder and my waist. I slowly moved to her side and collapsed beside her. She wrapped herself around my naked and sweaty body. She wasn’t much better, though she did still have her bra on; I pulled her bra of letting her breasts fall out, kissing each of them. She smiled down at me, her fingers playing with the hair at the nape of my neck. I closed my eyes and lifted the covers pulling them over our sweaty, sexed out bodies.

She laid her head in my neck and my arms wrapped her around her small frame. I pressed a light kiss to her forehead and took the camera remote from the bedside table clicking the camera off. I threw the remote to the side and wrapped my other arm around her, letting her feel safe in my arms so we could both fall asleep.

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