Just A Flick Of My Tail.

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This is a sequel of MP13Girls book Part Of Your World. I really liked the book and The Little Mermaid is just amazing so Yay! Oh and I'm English so my American isn't that great so if I make any mistakes just say (Is there even that must of a difference/) :) Here we go!




"Mom!" I yelled up the stairs. My mothers came out of the bathroom with her red hair dripping wet and a white towel wrapped firmly around her body.

"Yes Madison?" she asked rubbing her hair dry with a smaller towel. I looked down at my thumbs and began to play with them aimlessly. I was going to regret this, I just knew it.

"Rochelle and Julia where going on a boat ride and I was wondering if I could go." I lied. The words dribbling from my mouth as if what I was saying what 100% true, which it wasn't. True we where going to go on a boat ride, but that was only so we could get to the cliffs. My friends and I wanted to practice our cliff diving since we all wanted to be drivers in the Olympics. If we could dive of a cliff we could dive of anything.

My mother looked taken back at my question, a look of worry flashed through her eyes. "Lucian!" she called out to my father a few seconds after staring at me.

"Yes?" my dad said coming up behind her. Mom turned to him and whispered something into his ear. I watched from the bottom of the stairs as my dad whispered something back. I might had been mistaken but it sound like,

"She will be sixteen next week, I'm sure she will be fine."

Mom gave dad an unconvinced look and sighed. "Fine." she said turning to me. "Promise me it's only a boat ride and you won't go into the water?"

I gulped and crossed my finger slightly while I replied, "I promise."

My dad nodded in the direction of the front door. I smiled widely at them both and turned to leave just as my dad wrapped his arms around my mothers waist and she nuzzled her face into his blond hair.

"I'm sure she will be fine." dad murmured as I shut the door behind me.

I hate PDA. Even when it wasn't in public.

I walked down the road to where Rochelle's car was parked. I tied my red hair back into a pony tail and took out my earrings. I knocked of the car window and Rochelle smiled while unlocking the back door. I hoped in the back and we began driving off to the boats.

Julia turned up the radio and we all sang along as we drove, banging our heads to the upbeat songs that played, and pretending crying to all the sad ones.

Soon we where at the harbour where the rest out our group, Kyle, Cody and Jesse where waiting with the boat we had ordered. We all said our hellos and got onto the boat. The driver started the engine and we made out way over to the rocky cliff.

I looked out to the ocean and smiled. I had never actually been in the ocean before. My mother and father would never allow it, don't ask me why. When ever I went to the beach I would never be able to splash around in the water and I had never been surfing before which sucked. I always loved the smell of the salt and the sound of the waves though. There was something about the ocean that made me happy, and today I would get to be able to feel the water against my skin for the first time.

A hand fell on mine. I looked up to see Jesse smiling kindly down at me. I gave him a small smile back and looked away. I could feel my cheeks burning up and I didn't want to give it away that I had a slight crush on Jesse. I didn't move my hand though, if he put it there it must had meant he wanted it there.  

The boat suddenly stopped and the door at the side opened. Jesse removed his hand from mine and we both got off the boat and kept close to the edge of the huge rock before us. There was a ladder that we had to climb to get to the top of the cliffs. Because I was least scared of heights out of the group I went up first, followed by Rochelle. Once we where all at the top of the slightly sandy cliff I took of my t-shirt and shorts to reveal my blue bikini. Rochelle and Julia did the same while the boys just took off their shirts. I glanced over at Jesse who gave me a playfully wink which I happily returned and we all went over to the cliff edge.

To decide who was going first Cody held out a bunch of straws and who ever pulled out the shortest straw went first. Luckily I got the shortest straw. The quicker I got into the water the happier I was.

I stood at the edge of the cliff and readied myself for the jump.

"1.. 2.. 3." I said to myself before jumping off the cliff and driving hands first into the water. The cold water splashed against my face as I broke its surface. The water felt like home.

I went to swim towards the surface again but something was weighing me down. I kicked my legs but they where suddenly numb and I couldn't move them. I bright light blinded my vision and I let out a gasp for air.

Wait... since when could I breath under water?

I took another breath in and smiled in utter shock. I was breathing under water! I like a fish. I looked down at my legs to see they weren't there. Instead was a blue tail that moved when ever I tried to move my invisible legs. My eyes grew wide.

"Only mermaids have tails." I said quietly. "I can talk under water?" I blurted swimming back from the forced of my breath. I didn't have time to think before I heard my name being called from the surface and another splash of a body breaking the bonds of the water. I blinked to see Jesse staring wide eyed at me. His blond hair moving around in the blue water. He looked me up and down and then we made eye contact. He stared at me full of amazement, his eyes full of wonder and his lips smiling ever so slightly.

"You're a mermaid." he mouthed.

And that is when I finally had to admit it.

I was some how a mermaid.

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