Horan's Property

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Rose's POV

"Yo! Shaniqua!" I screamed out loud as my friends and I fooled around outside. We were taking a walk in the night, it always gives us freedom and fun to express our inner freaks.

"Wassup Shananay!" My friend next to me yelled back in a high pitched voice. We both laughed as my other friend, Sarah, walked ahead, laughing slightly. Suddenly, we heard sirens not that far away.

"Uh oh! The police are coming to take you both!" Sarah joked. I shook my head with a smile.

"It sounds like it's gonna come down the street." I stated, confused as to why they would be driving down here; my neighborhood has never had anything bad happen. All of us were walking slowly and looking straight ahead to see if it was really coming like we predicted. It was speeding down the street with the lights and sirens on.

"What's going on?" My friend, Gillian asked. I shrugged and watched the cop car make it's way towards us. We walked past an alley, but I noticed something strange in the alley. I backed up and spotted a figure walking deeper in the alley. Their back was facing me and they had a sweatshirt on with the hoodie covering their head.

Curious, I slowly followed the mysterious person. I forgot all about my friends who had continued walking, not thinking about me probably. All of the sudden, the figure stopped and my heartbeat increased. They turned around and I was terrified.

"What do you want?" He spoke up. I stood there and shrugged. He made his way over to me. My breathing hitched as I saw the familiar face that is always on the news and everywhere around town.

"Y-you're-" I was cut off by loud sirens.

"Fuck." He cursed, pushing my back against the wall and pressing his body onto mine. I had no clue what to do. I'm still horrified that I'm even near a wanted criminal. The police car stopped in front of the alley. He began breathing heavily.

He faced me and I felt lips pushed against mine. I kissed back, not thinking of pulling away. He tilted his head to the right and we continued to make out.

"Hey! You two!" I heard a strong and stern voice yell, flashlights shining on us. The criminal in front of me hid his face in my neck, opposite side of the cops. "Get home or do it somewhere else." They demanded.

"Sorry, we'll be going." The boy spoke, his Irish accent had disappeared. I felt him tense when they stayed put.

"Hormonal teens." One cop muttered before walking back to the car and driving away. He sighed and slightly backed up.

"Damn, you're a good kisser." He breathed out. My eyes widened, I just made out with a criminal. "No need to get so excited babe, it was just a kiss."

"A kiss?! We practically sucked each others faces off!" I shrieked, my fear somehow churning into rage and shock.

"Whoa, calm down Darlin. You're acting as if it was bad." He smirked, "Besides, I liked it." He went back to his original spot, no space in between us. His tall, intimidating body towered over my helpless, small body. I realized, fear was the only emotion I had at this point. "Did you like it baby?" He questioned, bringing his hand up to my chin and running his thumb over my lips. I stood still, only my heart pounding against both of our chests.

"Darlin, I asked a question; did you like the kiss?" He repeated, looking into my eyes. My lips were slightly parted now as I tried to find my voice. "Oh, so you can't talk, that's how good it was?" He chuckled. I felt my phone buzz in my front pocket. He felt it buzz against his thigh. I went to go pull it out, but his big hand wrapped around my wrist, stopping me.

He grabbed my other wrist and placed them both on the brick wall, above my head. His lips hovered over mine for a moment before he kissed me again. His soft and warm lips made my mind go blank. I nearly fell into his arms, loving this mind-blowing sensation running throughout my body. His tongue slid in my mouth without my acceptance.

His grip on both of my wrists loosened a bit as we got lost into yet another make out scene. His right hand slid down to my waist, pushing me tightly against him, holding me in that place. His hand left my waist. After almost a minute, he pulled away, both of us breathing heavily. He smirked and pulled something white from behind his back.

He quickly placed it over my mouth. "Sleep tight babe." He whispered to me. I was still breathing and I had no idea what he had put over my face. I suddenly felt my eyes droop and my body limp. "You'll be needing it." Was the last thing I heard.

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