Chapter One

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Chorong's POV

It was a normal day in Seoul. The Sun was shining brightly, the birds are chirping happily and the kids boarding the bus joyfully. Nothing exciting will happen like how it is.

I woke up with the Sun piercing through my curtains, blinding my eyes in progress. As an effect, I raised my right hand just above my eye level to block the sunlight.

As my eyes adjusted to the lighting, I turned to my left to see my alarm clock showed seven o' clock in the morning.

Seeing that I am late, I jumped out of bed and headed to my bathroom for a quick wash up.

I got out five minutes later while I was tying my hair into a messy ponytail before rushing to my closet for my school uniform.

I found my uniform and hurriedly changed into it, causing me to wear my blouse backwards. I changed it to normal and grabbed my bag before leaving my room unclean.

I didn't wear make up to school because for me, make up is just fake. Why do you need to hide your natural face with all that foundation and powder and wear glossy lip-gloss to school. School is for learning, not for showing how to style up. 

I headed straight to the door without eating breakfast. I have no time for that right now!

As I slipped on my shoes, I heard mum shouted across the room. "You are going already? Have some breakfast first, dear! You will get hungry if you do not eat!"

With that, I waved my hand in the air as a sign that I'll pass. "I'm already late, mum! I'll eat it after school! I promise."

After that, I jogged my way to school. Luckily the school was just 1 km away from my house. So it is much easier for me to walk.

It took 15 minutes to walk but with my limited time and jogging, I would probably be there before 7:30 a.m. Maybe I would be there exactly 7:30 a.m.

Without waiting any further, I jogged faster as I saw my school in sight. I just have to cross the road and I will arrive just before the ring bells!

Before crossing the road, I made sure that there were no vehicles that is coming towards my way.

I looked left, clear.

I looked right, clear.

I looked left again, clear.

Finally I can start moving!

But as I was halfway across, I heard a honking sound. I turned my head left and saw a motorbike coming towards me in high speed.

I closed my eyes, too rigid to move away. I waited for the impact but nothing came. Instead, I heard the sound of an engine.

I fluttered my eyes open and saw that the motorbike was just a few inches away from my legs. Shocked, I took a step back.

"Ehem!" I heard.

I looked up and saw a guy with a helmet on, glaring at me. I raised a brow at him in confusion.

"Move! You are in my way!" he shouted as he pressed the horn in repeat.

Feeling a bit taken back, I moved out of his way and he drove off into school. 

"What is wrong with this guy? He could've told me to move in a proper way." I rolled my eyes.

After that incident, I continue walking to school. I was in the school zone just in time before the school-guard closed the gate. 

And in that moment also, I saw that exact same guy who almost ran over me, parked his motorbike in the parking zone. He took off his helmet before running his fingers through his hair. Who is he? I never seen him before. Is he a senior or a junior?

But after hearing the second bell rang, signing us to be in class, I shrugged the question aside since it is not that important.

I walked in my class and saw the teacher has not arrive yet so the class was being noisy. I was walking to my desk when I suddenly heard,"Hey, Chorong! You looked awful today—like any other day!" One of the boys in my class joked.

The whole class was laughing and I feel my blood boiled with rage. I can already feel my nails dug into my palm. I bet my whole face is red right now.

I was about to scream when suddenly a girl cut me off. "You boys know nothing but talking about girls' looks." It was my best friend, Namjoo.

"Geez, calm down! I was joking." the guy defended himself.

I can feel that Namjoo rolled her eyes at him before pulling me towards my seat.

The class was back to doing whatever they were doing before and the group of boys that joke about me continue laughing. Probably that guy was telling another lame joke.

"Thanks Namjoo. That guy have been getting on my nerves really often about my looks." I complained.

Namjoo placed her hand on my shoulder. "Nah, it's okay. Those guys have been getting on most of non-make up user girls' nerves these days. They think those girls are unworthy to wear make up.They don't know how girls feel." she said before rolling her eyes.

I only nodded. Then I remembered about the guy that I had an encounter with this morning. I wanted to ask her in case she knows him because Namjoo is like the know-it-all gal. She knows everything about this school's students because she is the niece of this school's principal.

She gets to see the files and records of every student. With just an aegyo, the principal gave in. It was simple for Namjoo though. She is a cute girl anyway.

I didn't get a chance to open my mouth yet when the teacher walks in the class room. The whole class stands up to greet the teacher and sat down after the teacher greeted back.

"Today, we have a new student with us. He came from a long way to get here. So please take good care of him." the teacher says. 

The teacher paused before turning to the door, making us all to look at the same direction. And what I saw is unbelievable! It can't be it!

It was him! That guy who almost ran over me with his motorbike!

I watched as he walked towards the teacher before facing us and bowed 45 degrees. I can hear all these girls murmuring. Even Namjoo!

"Hello, I'm Luhan. Nice to meet you all! Please treat me well~" he said with a slight accent. He showed a poker face, probably rather be at home than here. I know how you feel, douche.

I heard a few girls replied his greeting while most were just stunned by him, I guess. 

"All right, Luhan can seat beside Minseok. The one beside the window." the teacher said to him before starting taking our attendance.

Minseok raised his hand up so Luhan would know who he is. He started walking towards him as he shows no emotion.

I can sensed that every girl was watching his every move because I was too. Not literally but I was glaring at him. 

As he sat down, he turned around towards my table. I saw his eyebrow was raised before he rolled his eyes at me. I bet he recognized me from this morning.

I turned to Namjoo and I was startled to see that she was already staring at this 'Luhan' guy. I waved my hand in front of her to see if she is still on Earth or in paradise of her own. It was no surprise that she was in her paradise.

I sighed of frustration as I placed my head on my desk. Wanting this day to be over quickly so I can be home and not face that Luhan guy.

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