Twisted Love 16

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Twisted Love 16

The next day was simple, like nothing had happened. Like it always was.Something Big or Traumatizing. Weird or Freaky would happen.And then the next day,it would all be forgotten about like it was  something imagined something dreamt about something unreal and maybe unwanted.I guess it was a good thing.  It Cancelled all the awkwardness that could happen if we kept thinking about the events of the night before.

 But i guess there were some events of the nights before that i would have like to talk about , event of the night before that i would have liked to discuss  with Ricky.But the day was normal.Father, Daughter normal.I guess i couldn't complain.


The day Continued as Normal.From morning to evening, evening to ...I mostly stayed up in My room and watched TV. The only time i went downstairs was to eat dinner.Ricky was a good cook.After we eat dinner I watched TV downstairs for a bit.Ricky came to join me but after a few minutes i excused my self and got ready or bed.

I wore My usual Bed time clothes.Shorts and vest top.and hair tied up in a bun.I switched the lights of , so the room was pitch black,and slipped into my bed... I fell asleep almost immediately


Then i was woken up.I heard my room door open, Then shut.I slowly rolled around in my bed, My room was black i couldn't see anything.Apart from My alarm clock Flashing the time.

2:00 am.

I closed my eyes again... drifting back to sleep.I could hear slight footsteps on my bedroom floor.But i choose to ignore, And kept on drifting.


I quickly opened my eyes as i felt and arm wrap around my body and heat evaporating onto me

2:04 am

I guess the person could feel the alarm that had rose in me.

'' shhhh its me Ricky''

I lay-ed there frozen for a bit, but the my body relaxed and eased into Ricky's.And i could feel his groan hard against me.But i was comfortable and i drifted to sleep with my stepfather in my bed.

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