chasing ;

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She sees a silhouette of a knife, drenched in a red liquid that pours down one's body once struck with a blade.

it's all over the walls. White walls with streaks of red, as if it were paint.

She thinks it's impossible. No. She goddamn knows it's impossible.

"I've been chasing for memories my whole life. Like lost artifacts, but this one is merely just locked up in a safe, sealed with titanium, covered with blades, and deeply imbedded into my soul that haunts me as I sleep."

She's now on to ground, clutching at the now red stained carpet, a frustrating amount of stress and terror filling in her veins.

She tries to stand up.

She wants to stand up.

Her creamy white legs feeling like boulders, she can't get up.

She hears her name. Echoing in her brain. A hand reaches out to her shoulder, gripping onto her form as she gets lifted up.

She lurches over his back, loosing all thoughts and feelings she had before.

She's dead, and she knows it.


Her grave stone, imbedded with the carving of flowers–her favorite flower– along with the ring mounted onto the stone.

He's on his hands and knees, begging for God to make this all a dream.

But it isn't.

"I want to wake up Mikasa."  She hears.

She never knew he could break down like this.

Such a cruel world, as thou prohibiting the laws and passions for a such thing called love–something she had with the man in front of her stone.

She misses him.

She misses his soft words, his touch, his everything.

He was always such a admirable man. Cravat instead of a tie, a dead look in his eyes whenever he feels shitty.

That's not the case here.

This time, he's pouring his eyes out. Occasionally touching his and her rings, droplets of tears making a noise on the material.

he hears her soft voice, whispering with the wind; "That's the thing about love, Levi. It carries through the wind, chasing at it with full speed. Even the fact that life and death separates them,  it's still there, still chasing at another chance."


I actually like writing angst drabbles, it's kind of addicting in sort of a way.

anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Drabble :)

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