I was making my way to the top rope

"Oh boy, nothing good comes out of Skylar being on the top rope" I heard Cole chuckle

When I jumped down to hit Nikki with a clothes line, I landed on my feet but not the correct way. I landed on the inside of my left foot and I felt something pop and I swear to god I heard something tear.

"Oh my god, Sky doesn't look to good. I don't think she landed the right way" I believe it was the king this time

"I swear I heard something pop" JBL announced

I dropped down to the ground and I was trying so hard not to scream out in pain. Tears were filling my eyes as the ref approached me, he was asking if I could continue but before I could answer Nikki pushed him aside and the guys were already in the ring

"Oh my god, Sky are you okay?!" she was frantic and all I could do was let a sob escape my mouth, the ref signaled for the bell but Lilian didn't announce Nikki as the champ still. Actually, no one was making an sort of noise, the crowd was silent. So silent all you could hear was the breathing in the ring.

"Sky, hun" It was Roman

"Ro, it hurts" I whimpered "it hurts so badly"

"I know hun, I know"

By now the tears were falling and I couldn't stop them. Paramedics were in the ring pushing everyone away so they could get to me.

I could feel a hand in mine as the doctors were examining me, when I looked over, I saw it was Dean who was holding it, and he looked upset. I could see tears in his eyes but he never let them fall.

"Skylar, we're going to move you out of the ring and towards the Doc, okay?" Jeff asked

All I did was nod. I was slid under the bottom rope, while Dean and Roman helped me walk back up the ramp. Paramedics were leading the way but Seth and Nikki were not far behind. As they did the crowd began to clap. They were glad I was okay.

Once backstage everyone moved out of the way, and I was rushed out into a waiting ambulance. They had me on a stretcher and Dean hopped into the back with me.

"Well meet you at the hotel Sky," Seth informed me

Once there Dean was told he had to stay out while the Doctor was examining me. They did a few tests and I was put into a room while we were waiting for all the information.

Dean, the guys, the Bellas and John and Bryan were waiting in my room with me. Dean was sitting next to my bed rubbing my hand when the doctor came in.

"Well, I'm afraid that this isn't lovely news." the doctor began "it seems as though you suffered a left ACL/MCL/medial meniscus tears, you'll be out for 6-9 months"

What? I can't be out for that long. There's no way.

"You'll go through surgery and physical therapy. I'm sorry" he said and walked out. By now I was in full on tears. I tried to hold back the sob that threatened to escape my lips.

Surgery, physical therapy, crutches. Jesus.

"Shh, baby girl, you're going to be okay. We're all gonna be here for you though the entire thing" Dean whispered as he held me.

Steph and Hunter walked in a few moments later. The look in Steph's eyes told it all. She and Hunter already knew.

"Oh Sky" She came forward and wrapped me in a hug, and I cried some more. Then Hunter came over and hugged me too. I was like a daughter to them.

"Everything's going to be fine" he reassured

The next morning I was off to surgery and they all came to send me off. They each had a turn and said they'd see me soon.

"Hey Nikki" I called before she, John, Brie and Bryan left

"Yeah?" she turned around

"Two things. One, you forgot your belt yesterday, and two, when I'm cleared I want a rematch" I smirked

"You're about to go into surgery and you're already talking about a rematch?" she questioned

The guys were chuckling and she shook her head "You're on"

Dean was the last one to see me off. The guys were waiting for him outside.

"Hey, I'm gonna be here when you come back and every step of the way" he said looking at my hand before grabbing it. It sent shivers through my body. "But before you go," he leaned down and planted a nice soft kiss on my forehead "I'll see you soon" he said while walking out.

Four months later*

"I'll see you tomorrow Sky" Dean spoke while looking down at his phone "I'll pick you up around noon and we can grab lunch before physical therapy."

He's been weirdly distant lately and every time I bring it up he says it's nothing or he's just tired.

"I'll see you tomorrow then" I walked him to the door expecting the usual hug, but he didn't look up from his phone when he walked out the door.

I tried to call Dean again. Yesterday said he'd be here to drive me to get lunch and that was an hour ago. I had to call my trainer and tell him my ride bailed. Seeing as though I couldn't drive, he offered to pick me up.

"Hey Dean, it's me. Again. Listen can you call me back? I don't understand why you didn't show"

Little did I know that yesterday was the last day we'd speak to each other for three months.

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