Introducing the character

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Name: Skylar Marie
Born: small town north of Boston, Massachusetts
Live currently: Orange County, California
Height: 5 foot 11
Look: Long black hair, blue/grey eyes.
Finishers: Spear, her own move called Sky Zone(she does a back hand spring and lands on the top rope, then from there does a 360 backward twist landing on her opponent.)
Submissions: Figure four leg lock, the black widow(yes AJ's move, but she's not in this)
Entrance theme: Ya Better Believe, by Max Morgan (but only when she enters alone)
Trained by: Shaun Micheals, Triple H, The Rock, Undertaker, Kane
She's apart of The Shield and they participate in inter gender tag team matches and she also does singles matches as well.
Best friends: Roman, Dean, Seth, Nikki, Brie, John Cena, Daniel Bryan(Bryan), Charlotte, Becky, Randy Orton, Paige, Dolph Ziggler, and Brock Lesnar.

Background: cheerleading, kick boxing, black belt in karate, some gymnastics. Lots of wrestling as a kid

She is like Seth and Romans little sister, they would do anything to protect her. As would Dean. They stand ring side at all her matches to show support.

The Authority absolutely adore her, and she loves them right back. They don't treat her like crap outside of thing ring seeing as though it is just a skit.

She has a crush on Dean and the guys tell her he feels the same way but she isn't too sure. He is constantly flirting with her but then goes off and has sex with random girls.

So this is a story about their brawling love.

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