I wonder what kind of person he was before his father got ill.

"Are you quite finished?" a masculine voice hissed.

My head snapped towards Zach, who was stood in the doorway.

Wearing nothing but black trunks, his hair was damp with rebellious strands messily across his brow and water ran down his body into a puddle on the floor. I watched a droplet trickle down the planes of his chest before it disappeared below the waistband of his trunks and instantaneously went red in the face when I realised I was staring so intensely. He looked like a God. An incredibly ripped God. That six pack had me drooling.

"Hi." I greeted meekly.

He glowered at me before switching his aggression to Ava.

"What have you told her?" he demanded.

Ava rose from her chair.

"Nothing bad. And watch your manners. You have a guest. What have I told you about not drying yourself off properly when you come into the house?" she scolded.

I expected him to blow up with anger, but instead he seemed to respect her order and exhaled through his nose slowly before nodding.

"Sorry." he muttered as Bill came in with a towel to dry the floor.

An apology?

I looked at him like he was an alien - he never apologises.

His attentions on me, those alluring eyes seemed to beckon me as he cleared his throat and gestured towards the door.

"I'll show you to your room." he declared shortly before turning on his heel and exiting the room.

Glancing back at Ava, she gave me a warm smile and ushered me out with playful shooing motions. I laughed and began to walk out of the room when she suddenly spoke up.

"It was lovely meeting you! Don't keep the lord of the manor waiting too long!" she joked.

When I stepped into the hallway, I suddenly realised I was still barefoot and, in that moment, I realised I had no idea why. I definitely put shoes on before leaving the house.

Did he...

Tingles shot down my spine as I felt hot lips brush the nape of my neck. He was behind me. My lungs seemed to constrict and my breathes were short and fast. His scent once again enclosed around me and I inhaled deeply.

"Well, well, well. I guessed that you were a heavy sleeper but I never imagined you'd lie in until four o'clock." he whispered, biting my earlobe teasingly.

Four o'clock? I had been asleep that long?

I leaned back to rest against him, but he moved and strode over to the staircase. Embarrassed, I watched as he grinned, gesturing for me to follow him by curling his index finger into a come hither motion before walking up the steps. I stood for a moment, watching him.

"Hurry up, Lou." he ordered without even looking back.

Hastily running up the stairs, I followed him down a corridor until we reached the second door on the left. He paused and I slammed into his back. I jumped backwards awkwardly.

"Do you ever look where you are going?" he sighed.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled.

"Here." he declared, opening the door.

We entered the room and I almost fainted. It was like a room from a hotel. The sheets on the oak four posted bed were pure white and my feet seemed to sink into the plush cream carpet. The walls were painted ivory and a chandelier hung from the ceiling. French windows lead out to the balcony and the view of the lake was breathtaking. Another door was on the other side of the room that had been opened slightly to reveal a tantalizing view of the ensuite bathroom.

Arms enveloped around my waist and I was turned around on the spot. Zach gazed down at me seriously, his eyes almost black and his jaw clenched.

"I will be staying in the room across from yours." he informed me. "My grandmother only agreed to this if we were not sleeping together."

My cheeks filled with blood at the concept. She thought we would be having sex. I almost died with humiliation. Zach suddenly noticed my expression and smirked. I had no idea what was coming when he swiftly pushed me on to the bed. His naked torso pressed against my chest and my desire smouldered deeply within my abdomen.

"Do you want to sleep with me?" he murmured into my ear lustfully.

Yes. Undeniably yes.

"No!" I squeaked.

"No?" he mused huskily, his obsidian eyes dilating.

He began to run his hand up my leg, his fingers leaving a fiery path across my thigh. I bit my lip so hard it was going to draw blood in order to stay calm. Pinning me down by my wrists, he quickly captured my mouth with his own. I squirmed, my back arching off the bed. Zach dipped his tongue in between my lips, massaging my own with skill as he deepened the kiss. He tasted divine. As he kissed me, he cupped my face in his hands and I sat up, managing to manoeuvre myself on to his lap clumsily. He laughed into my mouth as he continued to kiss me, letting me straddle him before he suddenly lay on his back.

"Go on then. Have your way with me, Louise." he joked beguilingly, his eyes flashing with carnal desire as he spoke.

I raised an eyebrow. Yet, despite my inexperience of taking control, I decided to give it a go. He watched me intensely, resting on his elbows, his eyes tracing my every move. I leaned forwards, my hair brushing against his chest as I began to kiss his neck.

His skin was so warm on my mouth.

He groaned quietly as I explored his chest with my hands, feeling every firm muscle as I went. I felt on fire. He had finally let me take control - I suddenly wanted to see how far he would let me go.

Zach had closed his eyes as I pecked my way over his jaw, feeling his stubble prickle my lips. My eyes were suddenly drawn to his trunks. My instincts took over and I found myself sliding my hands down over his abdomen. I had just hooked my fingers in his waistband when he opened his eyes and shot up, quickly flipping me over on to my back.

"Don't." he told me sternly before standing up off the bed. He licked his lower lip slowly as he stared at me, before pushing a hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry." I apologised quietly. "It was just a heat of the moment thing, I-"

"It's fine." he muttered, cutting me off. "Right. I am going to get changed. Stay here. There is something for you to wear in the box under the bed. I'll come for you at six o'clock, okay?"

"Okay." I whispered, but he had already left.

Falling backwards on to the soft memory foam mattress, I sighed.

I had completely ruined it.

I am such an idiot.


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