Ch 9: Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Killian POV:

"Mr Blythe!"

I turned to see the soot covered boy running toward me. "Well if it isn't little Albert Thomson."

He grinned up at me, "Did you enjoy your tea with miss Gizmo?"

I nodded, ruffling his hair, "did you do what I asked?"

"yes sir. Are you see miss Gizmo wanted me to take that stuff?"

"I am boy, it was private stuff you see, and she wants me to look after it."

He smiled, "Thats very kind of you Mr. Blythe."

"Why thank you."

The boy looked genuinely interested in helping Gizmo, I almost felt bad that I had lied to him.

But he was the only one who knew where Gizmo's lab was, at least that I knew of. "So did you find anything?"

He nodded, "I looked for those letters you showed me the ones you said that spelled out the name, I can't read Mr. Blythe so I'm not sure I found the right thing but there were lots of ashes and burt paper bits..and this here was on the desk, thats the name right?"

I took the parchment from the young boy.

Stopping in my tracks when I realized what it was. Digging through my pocket, I handed him some coins, "Its perfect boy, thank you."

I watched him run off before turning back to the paper in my hands.

The birth certificate of Ginne Gladstone.

Didn't know anything about the gladstone girl? Bullocks.

Gizmo knew much much more than even I had anticipated. That cheeky little devil was playing games with me.

Games that could get her killed if she didn't talk.

The real question was how to make her talk. To bluntly ask was a risk of her disappearing or worse using that pistol hers. 

But dancing around the question with her was never going to end well, she would sense something wrong right from the bloody start.

The only real option was to present her with the evidence and hope I didn't have to fight of a murderous woman.

I stared at the birth certificate, Why Gizmo wanted to hide Ginny so badly was beyond me. 

Supposedly the girl wouldn't even be able to walk by now.

Perhaps in her own way Gizmo was being a good person, perhaps it was her way of protecting a girl who had faced tragedy.

She was an orphan after all, she must have understood on some level.

I smiled a bit, liking the thought that the woman with the steel heat may just have a human soul.


Gizmo POV:

Those poxy git's left my shop a bloody mess, it took me four hours to get it decent enough for opening.

Mr. Blythe should never have taken me from here.

I do not like to leave my shop, it is my livelihood and home, you do not simply remove a woman from her abode.

but Mr Blythe seemed to live this world was his for the taking and I his toy to spend his time on.

He was a fool.

 I walked down the iron stairs to my laboratory, feeding the fire and looking around the dim room.

Yes this is my home.

And he the fool who pulls me away from it.

I turned to my worktable recalling my voyage of destruction was yet to be finished.

It was gone.

The last pic of evidence that could prove the existence to Ginne Gladstone was gone.


He is a fool indeed, a bloody brilliant fool.

The bastard distracted me, I was sure...but who he got into here was a mystery to me, he did not leave me once.

He must have hired someone.

...but how did they find my workroom? sheer luck? 

It must be some luck to stumble upon the opening to my laboratory, I built the hidden entrance myself.

The only people who know where it is are my clients. And I blindfold them unless necessary to keep their vision while we descended the stairs due to their injury.

Toting the injured blind is no easy task much less for one woman.

Needless to say, whichever client of mine aided Mr. Blythe would not be getting any help from in the future. Ever. The moment I found out who it is, they are on their own.

Secrets are part of the payment they know that.

Its the continuous payment, no physical payment unless repairs were needed.

but never again will there be business if not for secrets kept.

Loose lips sink ships, or in this case, cause failure of mechanical limbs.

Someone is going to learn very soon that I

I am not a forgiving person.

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