P. 5

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It's already five thirty and I'm still not sure what I'll wear. My mom is out again so I don't have to wear a hoodie but I think I'll wear one anyway because it's a bit cold outside. Skinny jeans for the butt view and button up shirt because that's mainly what I have. So it'll be the black skinny jeans, black hoodie with the paws print and the blue squares button up shirt, yeah it'll do. 

Right when I was done I got a text from the number that by now I already knew belongs to Adam 

*I'm here* 

I quickly shoved my wallet and phone in my pockets and ran down as fast as I could, turning the lights off as I got out and locked the door trying not to look to eager as I walked to Adam's nice white car and sat in the front seat. 

The moment I closed the door he was on me, stealing my breath away with his tongue "I can't wait to bring you to my house already" he said as he started driving to his house. 

The whole way I couldn't stop thinking about what he'll do to me when we'll get there and it really wasn't helping when he placed a hand on my knee and he knew it by the way he was smiling.  

By the time we were there (it wasn't long) his hand travelled to between my legs and he was moving his thumb up and down, sending shivers through my spine. 

"Come on in" he moved his hand and got out, I followed him as fast as could, trying to shake as little as possible. He locked the car and went to unlock the house, me right behind him. 

He locked the door behind me and pushed me against it "are you cold?" He asked against my lips, his breath on my lips turning me on so much it hurt, I nodded "a little bit" 


"A little bit" he said in his sweet little voice "I'll see what I can do about it" I smirked and kissed him, taking off his hoodie to reveal the most amazingly beautiful sight I've ever seen, his neck was covered in bite marks and I could see more on his shoulders and scratching marks on his chest through his shirt's thin material, this turned me on big time and I dragged him by his hand to my bedroom "when you have to be home?" I asked as I pushed him on my bed, throwing the hoodie on the floor "my mom thinks I'm sleeping at Sam's" he whispered "good" I covered his body with mine, kissing and biting his lips. I switched our positions "undress for me" I whispered and sat back to watch. 

He seemed a little confused at first but then stood up and started to slowly unbutton his shirt, looking at me every so often almost like he wanted to know if he's doing well. 

When his shirt was off it looked like he got more confident and he turned around and leaned to untie his shoes, giving me a view of his cute little butt, it almost made me jump and fuck him right there but I had to be patient, everything at his time. 

He stood up, still with his back at me, and undid his pants, showing me his butt again as he leaned to get his feet free from the tight jeans. 

This time I lost it, pulling him on the bed next to me and then sitting on his dick, moving as I took off my shirt to tease him a little and I watched him moan and arch as I undid my pants. 

I took off his tight boxers and he took off mine as I started to bite and suck on his nipples, I wanted to taste him so I lowered myself on his body and started to suck his dick, earnings moans and groans from him, until he came in my mouth. 

I licked my lips and moved up his body as he came back from his orgasm "do you trust me?" I asked and moved my hands on the marks I left on him yesterday, I didn't think I was that aggressive but then again, I've been waiting to fuck him for so long "yeah" his voice was raspy "good, because I want to play a little game" I reached under my bed without taking my eyes off of him and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, smirking and showing him them "what do you think?" I kissed him and pulled his lower lip with my teeth "want to let me do whatever I want to you? Fuck you and tease you all night while you won't be able to move?" I saw him swallow while his eyes moved from me to the handcuffs and back "ok" he said in such a tiny little voice I wasn't sure if he actually said it "sure?" I asked to make sure "yeah" this time his voice was stronger "I said I trust you and I meant it" he lifted his upper body and kissed me "do whatever you want to me mister teacher" and with that he pulled me with his teeth by my lips so once again I was lying on top of him.

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