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1. "real husbands of seoul" is a reality show in an alternate universe, meaning bts will not be idols in this fic although the they will be celebrities. it will be written in the format of a TV script / movie screenplay, seeing as though it would be pretty unfitting to use formal writing. also, i'm trying to be original so please bear with me.

e x a m p l e

[ [ namjoon and jin are sitting on a picnic blanket on a clear blue night, stargazing. namjoon sighs in content. ] ]

jin: the stars are so beautiful tonight.

namjoon: yeah, they are.

jin: you know who else is beautiful?

namjoon: [ blushes ] who?

jin: kim seokjin

[ pulls out mirror, moonlight produces a spotlight effect on a glowing princess seokjin. ]

aka [ [ double brackets ] ] indicate setting and background,
[ italics + single brackets ] indicate action or occurrence,
and the speaker will be bolded.

2. one of the biggest parts of reality tv is the cast commentary. you know, when they go into that booth or whatever and talk about the scene as it plays out? ( if you're not sure what i'm talking about refer to the gif above or literally any episode of the kardashians ). this will be indicated by dashes. cast commentary will cut in briefly during scenes to give you the characters' pov, since the screenplay format only allows for use of 3rd person.

e x a m p l e

[ [ the boys are all at the zoo in the rainforest animal exhibit looking at all the different monkeys, taking pictures, laughing, and enjoying themselves. as they travel, they come across the reptilian section of the exhibit. camera pans to hoseok. ] ]

hoseok: [ sees the anaconda cage ] oh shiT.

[ [ jimin notices that hoseok has suddenly drifted to the back of the pack and zoned out. jimin slows down to hobi's pace and nudges him in his side. ] ]

jimin: hello? [ waves hand in his face ] earth to hobi?

- H O S E O K -

"let me tell you a story from long ago that still haunts my ass to this day: i hate the snakeu. the end. so i don't know why these dusty ass motherfuckers led me into this damn exhibit when they KNOW that i am petrified of those fucking slimy venom noodles. i don't care if there's a glass between us. i don't care if god the father almighty himself stood between me and that thing. i am not trying to be snakeu snackeu. not today."


jimin: oh, the anaconda? you'll be fine! they can't bite you from behind the glass!

hoseok: [ voice cracks ] if you know how i feel, why would you say that? like, you put me in such an uncomfortable situation like, you know i'm not happy.

3. and finally, the disclaimer.

disclaimer: every character, place, and event in this story is a work of fiction. lowercase intended. any similarities that may exist between my work and any other media is not intentional. bts is in no way affiliated with my writing, aside from the use of their names as stand-ins for those of the characters. "real husbands of seoul" will contain instances of mild language and ( cartoon ) violence.

the first episode should be up later today so happy reading!!!! love always, cyan.

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