How you meet (Preference)

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Joffrey Baratheon: He met you as any Nobel man and woman would meet. It was arranged by your parents for the good of the realm. But you knew in your heart that there was something else there. And everyone else could sense that.

Jamie Lannister: You were simply a Damsel in distress, saved by a knight in shining armor. The time you met was simple and quick, some could even call it rushed. But he remembered you, you stuck out to him as a beautiful lady.

Khal Drogo: You were a gift to him, a beautiful maiden from an exotic kingdom. You were to be his wife and the both of you were married only hours after you both met.

Viserys Targaryen: You were a family friend and were inseparable at a young age before war dragged you apart. You met again, but he didn't realize it was you until he looked into his new servant's eyes.

Jojen Reed: You met when you were both very young, you've been best buddies ever since always playing together maybe now that your older you may even become something more.

Jonsnow: He met you when you approached him you felt sorry for him, Everyone called him the bastard the one that no one liked the odd child out in the family. As a kind person you introduced yourself you both knew you would be very close.

Robb Stark: You met him from the arranged marriage your parents set up even thought it sounds awful you could never stop your feelings for him.

Bran Stark: As a family friend he was always your playmate he taught you how to climb and you taught him how to use a bow and arrow of course as the years went by you got even closer.

Tommen Baratheon: A sweet prince much kinder then his brother Joffrey you have hopes of a possible arranged engagement with this nice prince you only just met for a arranged combination of houses.

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