Forever Here (Naruto fanfiction) REWRITE

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DISCLAIMER: I do not, I repeat do not own Naruto, or Naruto Shippuden. My ability to write this piece of work falls under the Fair Use policy. Creative Commons. I only own Naoki, Lara, Tsubaki. At the moment, my OCs. I own everything that you do not recognise from the anime/manga's plot line.

(AN: The photo to the side is a picture of Tsubaki that I created on GIMP)

"Tsubaki!" The way that he said my name, was filled with so much hatred. It was as if he poured every negative thought and emotion into the three syllables that made up my name. With the way that he addressed me, you'd think I was the anti-Christ. I breathed a heavy sigh, and laid my head against the wall.

It was then that the idea came into my mind, Naoki got himself drunk again. Just the thought of him drunk was unsettling, but it explained his behavior. The only time he paid me any mind was when he was intoxicated.

It really made me wonder though, ever since child care services paid him a visit he hadn't so much as touch a beer can. Why start drinking again now...?

I closed my eyes, and allowed all the thoughts that were collecting in my head to disperse. Silence filled my mind, as it did the room.

Only seconds later the sound of footsteps broke through the newly established silence. Here he comes, I do wonder what it is I am to be blamed for now. I was everything, his scapegoat, his punching bag.

I opened my eyes, and gazed towards the door. That door was the only thing that stood between me and Naoki. It was useful, a tool per say, all I would have to do is close it. Simple, really, but Naoki would be far too intoxicated to find the doorknob half of the time, let alone open it.

"You know why I was fired?" His voice broke my thought. Yes, it does appear I am getting blamed for his stupidity.

The door then slammed open. It is clear that he is not nearly drunk enough. I scowled, the frown seeming to etch itself into my face.

"Don't be that way..." He purred. He makes me absolutely sick! What am I to him now? A lover substitute, that is disgusting!

"I asked you a question."He said, his voice a low growl. In response I narrowed my eyes, and looked away. There was no way in hell I was about to give him the satisfaction of my answering his question.

He crept towards me at a slow pace, my heart quickened in my chest. "Answer me." His voice was harsh and full of acid. I felt his grimy hands wrap themselves around my hair. Porcine behavior coming from a government official.

He yanked me towards his chest, the last ounce of defiance that swam inside of me vanished. I bit the inside of my cheek, I will answer to him. "No..."The words came out of my lips were forced, cold, without meaning. I closed my eyes, and even by doing that I know a smirk formed on Naoki's face.

"You..."His tone barely went above a whisper, his breath trickled down my neck. The sick bastard.

I clenched my fists, you'd think he would take the hint! But he kept on, his face drew closer to mine, and upon instinct, I smacked him.

He recoiled.

"Shacking up with someone then are you?" My eyes widened into saucers, How the hell could he even imply that? Where did that come from? Like hell I'd give myself to him, and his mind has come to the conclusion that I'm whoring myself off because of it?!

I felt my hair being yanked, and I grinded my teeth. Despicable. I can not wait for the day that he rots in hell.

"I should have sent you to the brothel as soon as you started to bleed!"Naoki's words were harsh, I could not fathom why he would say that. I had never done anything wrong. I was not even his blood kin! He supposedly adopted me seven years ago out of the goodness of his heart.

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