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Okay second part yay
Marco's POV
S: Marco!!!! Are you done making MARCO's SUPER AMAZING NACHOS ?
M: almost done star
Today was the first day of school and it was okay I guess , I was actually really excited to sign up for the new clubs , other then that it was okay . Oh and Jackie Lynn Thomas and Oscar told everyone at school they were dating , I was kinda upset so was star but we still got over it and had a great time , talking , walking , looking into star's beautiful Tiffany blue eyes , I could talk to her all day wait WHAT ? No erm I better stop thinking about it .
S: oh Marco! Come on the movies are about to start .
M: okay coming ( we were watching tangled , brave , rise of the guardians and last but not least how to train your dragon 1 and 2 )
S: yes finally !
she stuffed nachos in her mouth , she looked so adorable, ugh I need to stop thinking about how pretty she is she's my friend it's really weird !
I actually think star is a lot like rapunzel from tangled , she's happy , bubbly , cheerful , has that beautiful long blond hair yet she is also like Merida from brave , she's brave , fearless , knows how to use a weapon and has mother issues plus she has that uncontrollably hair that is beautiful at the same time . She's like a good combination of both .
Star's POV
I can't wait for movie night I love all the movies we are watching this is great and spending more time with Marco my best friend but why do I feel so weird around him lately? It's been so long since I felt this happy , I mean I usually feel so excited for movie night but suddenly I've got butterflies in my stomach and I haven't gotten any ever since well ever since Marco danced with me during the blood moon ball , I wonder why?
M: hey so ready for the most amazing set of movies ever star ?
S: yeah ( I said ecstatically) ! These movies are so awesome !!!
I think Marco is kinda like Jack Frost from ROTG i mean he's fun to hang out with, brave when fighting monsters , is really "cool" hahaha and has that cute smile on his perfect face . Wait whaaa?
Uh never mind , he's also like hiccup from HTTYD he's like a nerd / smarty pants whatever they call that on earth, changed for the better , will protect his friends , family and his world from being totally destroyed and has that brown colored hair that sometimes looks like chocolate hahahaha , he's like a great combination of both dudes !
M: erm star are you seeing this rapunzel just jumped down from the water tower , now that's cool !
S: Er , what ?! Oh yeah!!! She's awesome !
M: your awesome ( I heard Marco say something under his breath)
S: what?!
M: oh um nothing ! ( why did I do that )
S: okay ....
S: oh my gosh Marco are you seeing this Jack has defeated the evil pitch black ( she said with a happy look on her face )
M: I know right he's so cool ! I wish I could be like him !
S: well you are pretty cool yourself Marco !
M: thanks star you too !

Author's POV
Hey thanks again , I can feel starco getting closer yay !!!!!
Hehehehe ROTBTG's reference aka ( rise of the brave tangled guardians)
Tha big four !!!!! Yay !!!!
But I seriously think star is like rapunzel and Merida mashed up while Marco is like Jack and hiccup mostly hiccup hehehe so yeah see you guys

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