Chapter 14- A peice of me

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The next day when i woke up alone and cold that I realize what happened yesterday wasn't a dream. Him grabbing me, his fiancé spitting on me, and Leon and I becoming friends wasn't just my imagination. It was cold hard events that happened. Nothing I do or can do will change that.

I looked at my phone and found fourty-six missed calls all from my mom with ten from Landon. I sighed and rolled over, pulling my phone to me. Leon had said I needed to cut it off with him but I feel like there's this hole and it won't go away. Landon is a big part of my life now and I can only accept that, and his choices, and where we stand.

I dialed his phone and only had to suffer through two rings when he picked up. "Hello?" He said hopefully.

"Are you coming to meet my mom or no?" I asked silently. I heard a small chuckle and then the rustle of papers.

"I thought you weren't ever going to talk to me again, Flour Boy," he said and I coughed awkwardly. I shouldn't be talking to him but fuck knows I can't stay away.

"Are you coming or not?" I asked again.

"Meet me at my gallery," he said and then hung up. I sighed and got up not wanting to go back to The place where we had the fucking altercation in the first place. I still made my way to the shower and cleaned myself up; shaving, doing my hair and pulling on a gray baseball-T with red sleeves and my favorite pair of black jeans that made my ass look great, and red converse. I decided to do my eyebrows and sat in the mirror doing those before leaving.

I pulled up to "Phantom" and then slid out of the car. I pulled my jeans up and then walked in to see pictures of me hanging up and taped together. I tried to not think much of it as I walked into his art room. He was there taping together another canvas so lost in his own world that I knocked.

He jumped a bit and then turned to me. "Hey," he said awkwardly.

"Hi there Brit Boy," I said back and he smiled. "Why are you peicing together this shit?" I asked gesturing to the hundreds of me.

He blushed. "I was supposed to show you the portfolio I had of you yesterday night but then Jill came over and threw a bitch fit so I know they're all ruined but I'm putting them together so you can see. I'm not a creep either, I just think you're beautiful and deserved to be on a canvas."

I rolled my eyes as familiarization began to settle again. I sat on his desk and gently nudged his head. "You didn't have to. I saw them when she was throwing them, Landon."

He scuffed. "Barely," he said in distasteful tone. "Why were you here anyways?" He asked as I stared at the picture of me sexed out that was hanging on his wall.

I wonder if that is what I really look like.

"I wanted to visit you while you were at work and ask if you wanted to visit my mom with me," I said with my head tilted.

My eyes are hot like that.

"Well of course and I'm sorry about what Jill did and what I did especially. You were just trying to help," he said as he rubbed my thigh making me look down at him and away from my sex picture.

"I understand. I just keep getting in between you two. Once y'all are married it'll be less bad," I said with a forced smile. He smiled back and then stood up, turning off his lamp and pulling me off The desk with him. He pulled me out of the room and we both made our way to my car after locking the gallery. We slid in and I made my way down the street to my mama's house.

"So what should I know about Mrs. Sterling?" He asked with a happy smile. Its funny how we can just slip back into a regular routine.

"Well my mama is now a single woman so its Ms. Smith. My papa left when i was ten with some guy who he later married but mama wouldn't let me see them scared I turn out gay so I haven't seen him since. Oh the irony." He chucked and rubbed my arm. "She doesn't know I'm gay even though I say it all the time and lastly she loves to be loud and dramatic."

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