BOBBY✖Broken Rain

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It was a fair day. Everyone in the park seemed to leave because the clouds are getting dark.

You didn't mind the weather. You are just sitting and crying in your palm and still can't recover from the break up you had with your boyfriend yesterday.

"I shoudn't take this seriously. He don't even care." You felt that your face is turning red like a tomato.

Your phone vibrated and you looked at the caller, but you just rejected it.

Then you received a message.

From: Cassy
______! He's here at your house! Where are you? We're already nervous!

You just returned your phone at your pocket then, continued crying.

Suddenly, the rain poured. You looked up, not minding the raindrops landing your face.

After a few seconds, you felt that the rain stopped, but at the same time, you are still hearing the rain falling down.

You opened your eyes and got surprised.

"Who are you? Can you please leave me alone? I don't need that umbrella." You glanced away. Waiting for the unknown guy to leave as what you said.

But he didn't listen.

"Are you deaf? I said leave my side!" He just stared at you, and you stared at thim too.

"I don't want you to get colds because of what you're doing. Here, wear this." He lended you his jacket. He wore it to you.

You felt sad again because you remembered your ex-boyfriend.

"Sshh. I know what you feel." He patted your back. You looked at him.

"Wh-what?" He sighed.

"Let me guess, you just broke up with your boyfriend right?" Your eyebrows met.

"H-how did you?" You utterly said. He sighed again.

"My girlfriend broke up with me 'cause, he doesn't love me anymore." He sourly smiled. His face turned sad.

"She wasted you. Like how my boyfriend wasted me." You both chuckled a little.

"I went here to think about that. And the result of my thoughts is... they're not worth crying for. People like our ex's, doesn't deserve us. So don't cry over him. It must be him not you." He patted your back again cause you started crying, again.

You leaned your head on his right shoulder. Then you sat again because you just felt awkward.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry for crying in front of you. And I'm sorry if I showed a shitty attitude at you a while ago." You apologized, looking at the rain and hoped that it would stop.

"It's alright. I walked towards you just to say those advices and words. I'll go now. Take home my jacket. I am giving it to you." He jogged away.

"Hey! By the way what's your name!" You shouted and stood up. He turned around smiling.

"My name is Bobby! Bye!" He waved and ran. You watched him running 'til he just looked like an ant.

"I hope I'll see you soon again Bobby. Because of you, my heart felt happy." You smiled, wore the hood of Bobby's jacket and went away.


One week ago has passed when you saw that guy named Bobby. You didn't forgot him through the days.

The sun is shining at your place when you decided to go at the park where you met him. Hoping that you can see him again.

You brought his jacket as you leave at your house.

As you reached the amusement park, you sat at the bench where you cried while raining.

You sat and scanning the whole park. You missed going here because of the memory given by Bobby.

"I don't know why I'm hoping to see him again. I guess he can't remember me anymore. That was one week ago. Aish. Nevermind." You deeply sighed and started walking away.

You roamed around the park and watched over the flowers. You are walking while looking at the flowers...
when you bumped onto someone.

"I'm so sor---" You frozed.

"You?" You said in unison.

"I forgot to ask this, what's your name?"


"Nice to meet you again. How long have you been in here?" He asked.

"Just thirty minutes ago. It's been a week since we last met." You said to Bobby.

"Yeah. Are you sad again that's why go went here?" He smiled that made you stuttered,

"N-No. I got nothing to do so I went here. Is that for your girlfriend?" You fakely smiled, pointing at the three white roses he got.

"No. And I don't have a girlfriend." You slightly felt happy. My feels are so weird.

"Oh. Wrong guess. I...I gotta go now. Maybe you're in a hurry." You smiled for the last time and passed by him.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed your hand that made you turn around.

"Since the day I saw you, I told to myself that I will see you again here at the park and I'm so glad that happened." He confessed.

"So we thought the same way, Bobby." You smiled a little.

"I saw you a while ago sitting at the bench alone. Then I quickly bought these flowers just for you. Honestly, I bumped you just for you to notice me." He glanced away shyly. He's so adorable like a bunny. He handed you those three white roses.

"Thank you. I appreciate your efforts. By the way, those advices you gave me, helped me a lot."

"Really? That's nice. Uhm, so..." You looked at him with a asking face.

"Would you like to eat somewhere here at the park?" He asked like a kid.

"Sure. If it's you asking me then why not." Your heart skipped a beat.

"I consider this as a date." You both giggled and walked together while the sunset is starting to show up.


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