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Maya's POV
I wonder the woods, for anything I can. It's night, I'm scared, I see something pass through the trees, I said" who's there?!" I glowed my eyes, I saw Something, no Someone! I took off running the other direction, I'm suddenly tackled to the ground, someone holding their claws to my neck, I yelped, the person said" who are you?" I said" Take your claws away from my neck and I'll tell you!" He took his claws away and got off me, I looked at him, he was a beta. He said" who are you?" I said" Maya! What's your name?" He chuckled saying" Derek, Derek Hale." I said" I don't have a last name, my parents are dead." His face saddened, he said" where's your pack?" I said" i don't have one. I'm an Omega." He said" Omegas don't survive." I nodded, he said" how about you come with me and, I'll see what I can do." I nodded, he picked me up, and started carrying me. He said" how old are you?" I said" 6." He said" it's okay, pup, I'll protect you." I smiled and put my head on his shoulder, falling asleep.
Derek's POV
I'm gonna protect this pup, I don't care what Laura says, but she'll agree, I know it. Maya fell asleep on my shoulder, I smiled and continued walking back to our hideout, Laura and I are staying at.
Once I get there, Laura comes up to me, and sees the little girl, she silently aww'd, and tried taking the little beta out of my arms, but the kid's got a grip, she stayed latched around my neck, I chuckled, I said" I'm gonna raise her." Laura nodded, happily. I chuckled at my older sister. I sat on the couch and Maya loosened her grip, falling onto the couch still asleep. I smiled and watched her sleep, peacefully, Laura sat next to me, looking at Maya too, I said" she'll be a good beta." Laura said" yeah, but she's a kid, you'll have to watch her." I nodded.

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