How you meet (the allies)

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This was it... The end of the world as we know it... McDonald's caught on fire. You were going to go grab a quick bite to eat before meeting up with your friend Wonderland but when you approached the eating establishment you were completely shocked. Smoke was billowing out of the doors and roof and fire fighters were surrounding the building. You ran up to one of the fire fighters and asked what was happening. They explained that they think it was a grease fire that had started inside the kitchen and traveled to the rest of the building. Just then a holler was heard coming out of the building as two more fire fighters dragged out a young man with sandy blonde hair and sky blue eyes. He was struggling to get out of their grasp to run back in, screaming something about "how he left his big mac inside the resteraunt" and how "he was the hero and could handle the whole situation" although he was in no condition to be doing any sort of saving. Black soot was smeared all over his face and clothes and his sentences were broken by fits of coughing and wheezing. Thoroughly concerned for the man you followed the ambulance back to the hospital and asked the front desk if you could check on him. At first the nurse was resistant but then a man shaggy blonde hair and thick eyebrows approached from behind you and cut the nurse off.

"It's okay she's with us I'm Alfred's older brother Arthur" he spoke with a heavy brittish accent

The nurse reluctantly gave you his room number and the two of you headed to the elevator.

" so you saw the whole thing? Please could you tell me what happened." He asked with pleading eyes

You explained to him how the fire started and how Alfred tried to grab all his food before leaving and ended up almost getting trapped inside.

"That bloody pig..." he growled shaking his head as you two approached the room.

When you enter end the room Alfred was laying in bed watching cartoons. Arthur snapped the TV off and began to lecture Alfred on not being a greedy pig. After his little sermon was over his phone buzzed and he checked it.

"Bullocks..." he grumble shoving his phone back in his pocket and turning to you.

"(Yn) I have got some extremely important business to attend to would you be a dear and stay with Alfred until his younger brother Matthew comes?" He asks

"Sure I guess..." You say scratching the back of your neck

"Splendid, thanks you ever so much poppet" he smiles before glaring at Alfred "and YOU behave yourself young man" he spits out threateningly

"What ever mom" Alfred groans as his brother exits the room his gaze then lands on you

"So...Your names (yn)?" He asks

You nod your head and smile

"Well I'm Alfred Jones and IM THE HERO!!" He yells before coughing some more

You laugh as he pouts at his ruined introduction.

"Well (yn) I only have one question to ask you....Do you like Captain America?" He asks Flipping on the channel playing said movie

"Is Bruce Wayne Batman?! Of course I do!" You cheer

"Well then grab a seat Cuz that's what we're watching!"

You plop down in a chair next to his bed and flip the lights off and soon begin to watch the movie


To be honest when you received the invitation to have tea at your good friend Wonderland's house you didn't know what to expect but it DEFFINATLY WAS NOT the scene you saw before you. When you reluctantly agreed at took the trip down the rabbit whole you expected to see anarchy, madness, and uncivilized tea slinging but instead you see what was in front of you, it atually looked like a sophisticated tea party and not some demented death trap where people slip drugs into your drinks and throw forks and cups at your head! Wonderland finally realized your presence she then proceeded to walk on top of the tables knocking tea cups and pots down and squashing crumpets and scones under her feet. Welp there goes the sophistication.

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