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People think it doesn’t happen

Just ‘cuz they don’t see

But others know it really does

And that right there’s the key

Kicks and punches thrown at me

But what on earth have I done

Most people think they’re just myths

Or scary campfire tales

Then when the truth comes out

The horror finally prevails

They tell me I’m worthless

And I begin seeing blood

Excuses, excuses!

They’re made up day by day

So then tell me why your child

Says you made them pay

Soon numbness takes over me as a whole

And I am so close to seeing the light

So many forms of torture

Kids and teens are put through each time

But sometimes what hurts most

Is knowing your family beat you past your prime

One ultimate blow hits my head

And I pray that finally I am dead

Every day it’s going on

And don’t think just ‘cuz you don’t hear

That everything is getting better

When death, for some, is so near…


Abuse is a very real issue.  I didn't believe it was so common until I made a friend that hurt herself by cutting or snorting because she felt lonely and unloved when her mom started to beat her after her parents devorced.  We talked to a counselor and got help for her, and she is beginning to feel more confident and loved again.

One of my sisters is friends with a boy who seriously contemplated killing himself because both his parents abused him, and his girlfriend, who he felt was the only person that loved him, dumped him unexpectedly for no apparent reason.

If you know anyone who is abused or bullyed stand up and help them.  I know this is what everyone tells you at bullying rally's and talks in school, but it really does help the person who is being hurt.  If you have any stories to share or something you want to talk about you can leave me a a comment or PM me.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the poem and the topic in general.

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