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Posted on June 26, 2015

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In the summer of 2015, the 44 Division of the Toronto Police Service discovered the charred bodies of Mindy Luu-Wei, Dane Ogden, and Igoo Deganawida, each within the same thirty kilometer radius in Toronto, Ontario. The only evidence offering an explanation for the three deaths was found within a detailed Internet blog written by an unknown individual.

The following content was taken from the blog --

Posted on June 26, 2015

For the last few months, I was Johann Clerger from Toronto. I stole my eight profile pics from some guy in Australia named Pete Kirkegaard. 'Likes' filled my page like a list of attributes -- Stanley Kubrick, Molson Beer, Marvel Comics, the Foo Fighters...

My 'About Me' blurb read:

What's up, this is Johann. Born on July 5 and raised in good ol' Muskoka, Ontario. I'm tall like 6'0 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Some girls say I look like Heath Ledger lol (RIP). I'm a typical Muskoka boy I like to snowmobile, dirtbike, go muddin but I'm NOT a hick lol =P

I'm 'In a relationship' with Adia Babaloyi from Montreal. In all of Adia's pics, her head is poised slightly to her right, showing off the left side of her boy-cut. In older pics, her hair looped passed her shoulders. Last winter, I sent her an unsolicited message and we've been chatting ever since. Our conversation thread started like this:

-- February 8, 2015--


Johann Clerger

Are you THE Adia from the song? =P


Adia Babaloyi

You found me lol


Johann Clerger

Adia I'm empty since you left me...


Adia Babaloyi

I totally understand!! Lol


Johann Clerger

Can I add you as a friend for a second so I can see your page?

-- February 9, 2015--


Johann Clerger

Wow, I see you like UFC and hip hop? Will you marry me now?


Adia Babaloyi

Not today...maybe tomorrow??!


Johann Clerger

Sorry, I'm marrying someone else tomorrow. How about next weekend?


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