DxD X Male Cursed Reader Teaser

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This a teaser for a new story I thought of I hope you enjoy
(3rd POV)
You and Issei were were waiting for your dates to arrive, so until then you sat on the bench at the corner waiting. After about 5 minutes of silence Issei pipes up and says "Dude I can't believe we got ourselves a couple of hot dates." You reply jokingly "Correction, I can't believe you got hot date." You snicker after saying that, Issei laughs and says "yeah you're right."

You both laugh and continue waiting. Then Issei points to an attractive female in an anime costume walking towards you both. When she approaches you both. You look at her and see she is wearing some type of bat or demon costume. You look over to see Issei drooling over her rather large breasts.

You chuckle and watch as she gives you and Issei a piece of paper with a strange markings and symbols on it. The girl then skips off. You the hear Issei say "Bro did you see those jugs" you chuckle and say "Classic Issei"

{Time skip to your date}

You and Issei take your dates to the arcade. You had a great time playing games with them. Both you and Issei won them stuffed animals.

After the arcade you and Issei went shopping with them. Both of you going around random stores letting them try clothes on and jewelry but at the end they decide on bracelets that they thought were cute. Finally you take them to an ice cream parlor where all of you sit down together and eat your favorite ice cream.

Finally the time has come for you to take your dates home. You and Issei lead your dates through the park when suddenly run up to the water fountain. You and Issei both smile and look over at them. But both of you smiles vanish when you see the sinister smirks plastered to their lips.

"Die for us" you hear them both say. You steal a glance at Issei to see a red rod of light go through his stomach. Your eyes widen as Issei falls and spits out blood. You look at the two girls and see their attire has changed and black wings protrude from their backs. You gulp as the thing that used to be your date lifted up a golden rod of light and threw it at you.

The golden rod pierces your chest but no blood comes out the wound. Instead your eyes turn black and the two girls look worried

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