Chapter 1

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***This story has been rewritten after it's completion, so if you've read it before you might want to read it again. It's a bit different this time around.

Chapter 1


Its a way of expressing yourself. But for me, it is a way of going to another world and it matters to me, because I'm one of those shy awkward nerds. And yes, I legitly do have those wide framed glasses. I also spend my time in the corner of the lunch room, headphones plugged in, pencil in hand as I write song lyrics. Who knows? Maybe I'll be famous one day.

Since I liked singing so much, I started this channel on Youtube called Girl Behind the Mic. But I didn't put my name because people wouldn't watch someone like me sing, so I will remain anonymous. I only record a microphone and my lips. I never really wore make up so I put bright red lipstick on when I sang. I guess it was enough for a disguise.

I posted my first video and when I woke up I had a hundred or so views. A smile was on my face as I looked at the number, sure it was a somewhat small amount but at least some people listened to me sing.

The next day, I posted another video of me singing a song I wrote about true love. It's a pretty easy subject to write about, I mean it's every girl's dream to find it, right?

Turns out I was right, and when I woke up I had thousands of views.

What suprised me the most was when I got to school everyone was talking about this 'girl with an amazing voice'. I smiled, but like always nobody noticed me. You're probably wondering, how come so many people heard about me sing? Well apparently someone on Facebook shared my video and nearly the whole school listened.

My day was anything but normal. I headed to my first class and then accidentally bumped into Jonathan, the most popular guy in school. The stereotype for popular people is that they have money right? Well he definitely does. According to the girls who gossip in the hallway, his dad is a police officer and his mom is some company founder or something like that.

"Sorry," I said as I bent over, scrambling to try and gather my books and glasses that fell down.

"Watch where you're going, jeez you're such a dumb blonde." He said, rolling his eyes and walking into the classroom with a group of guys behind him.

I am not a dumb blonde! Ugh, I just hated that stereotype. Everyone always underestimated me as a blonde.

I grabbed my books and walked into class, Ms. Monroe, my math teacher, was passing our math tests back to us.

I studied for two hours straight the night before the test and it definitely paid off, I got an A. Looking towards the back of the room I saw Jonathan, he got a miserable D.

After spending most of the class period reviewing the test answers, the bell finally rang and I gathered my books. As I was about to walk out the door, Ms. Monroe called Jonathan and I over.

"Jonathan, this is Emily," Ms. Monroe said with a smile on her face, as she pointed to me.

"Um, hi," I said avoiding eye contact.

"Hey," he replied and looked at my grade on the math test, atop my pile of books.

"Emily is going to tutor you before school starts every morning until you get your grade to a B in this class." She announced.

"What?" Jonathan said.

"You are failing math, and she is the smartest one in the class." Ms. Monroe said.

Jonathan muttered something along the lines of 'fine and whatever', before storming out of the classroom. I tucked a strand of my blonde hair from the side of my face and looked up at my teacher.

"Ms. Monroe, why do I have to tutor him?" I asked.

"I'll give you extra credit, but it's not like you will need it." She said going back to typing on her computer.

"But it's not really going to benefit me." I said adjusting my bag's strap.

She thought for a second,"Oh I know! I'll write that reccomendation letter you keep asking about."

Darn, she knew I kept asking her about that for the past 2 weeks.

I reluctantly agreed to tutor him and headed to my next class.

So the shy girl with only one friend, has to tutor Jonathan Nicoles one of the most popular people in school?

Where is the logic?

I usually practice singing in the morning. Great, now I have to come school earlier just to tutor some guy who's failing math. Could my life get any worse?

Author's Note~

Check out the trailer to the side even though I took down the cast, I still love it <3

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