Part 16 😚

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Thank you sooo much for all your Votes and Views ^.^ I really appreciate it :) So you got up around 7:30 am. You looked around confused at where you were and realized you were in one of the turtles rooms. You swung your legs over the edge as you felt a soft, loose and wavy fabric touch the calf's of you legs. It was Red, About as red as Raph's mask. It was a dress. You let your weight down into your feet as you tried to stand up but you wobbled and fell over onto your stomach. You looked behind yourself over your shoulder while your hands were supporting you to see what had happened. You saw Raph was sleeping on the ground but was now rearranging himself into a position more comfy. "I mustve stepped on this shell and fell over." you presumed. You lifted your body up quietly and walked over to the door. You walked out and as soon as you walked through the doorway you had a HUGE craving for Music. And you remembered Donnie showing you his favorite Toy out of all his Gadgets was the Turtle Van. The name still needed work though. You went into the Garage area and just then as you touched the doorhandle you forgot the Keys to open it. You pulled the handle; luckily it was unlocked. You jumped on in and sat in Donnie's Driving seat. You turned on the Radio on in it and flicked on the Christmas Lights lining the ceiling of the Garbage Truck. You giggled at the first song once you Realized it was The Backstreet Boys. You put your feet in the seat next to you and put your back against the door of the front seat. You turned up the music and you closed your eyes as you bobbed your head to the music. You rolled down the window and enjoyed the air. It was..less stinky smelling on this part of the sewer for some reason. You looked around the room through the windows of the vehicle. You finally saw an opening to the Bay. It was a Grate on the wall. That would explain the rain smell. You got out of the Turtle Van and walked over to the Grate. You left the window of the truck open so you were able to hear the music still. You Put your hand on the grate bar as you listened to both the waves while the boats were honking past each other as the background music of the backstreet boys played one of their best hits "Quit playing games with my heart". You giggled as you felt like you were in a music video. You were hypnotized with the beauty of the Lights on the other side. The cars looked like stars turning off and on as they disappeared and reappeared through-out the buildings blocking them. The towering buildings. The rushing and bustling. And You, a person who was just only allowed to admire it from afar as the turtles protect you. They say they knew you for a long time. But why can't you remember. You meditated with Splinter and Leo to see if you could try and harness those memories again; but it didn't work. You would still sit in your own room on your bed or on the turtles couch at night Meditating while they would sleep or do they're own thing. Raph's pov. I got up and checked on Y/N through out the night. When i did wake up again I looked over the edge of my bed and saw she wasnt there. I stood up still wearing my gear and walked out of my room. I looked around the house for her and then as soon as i almost reached my room i saw a crack of Light hitting my eye. I backed up as it hit my eye again. Donnie's garage was open. Someone forgot to close the doors. As i was about to close the doors i was something and also heard..Music? I opened the door and looked around. I didnt see anything. I wonder if Donnie left his player going by accident? I opened the door and was about to turn it off when my hand stopped on its own as soon as i saw Y/N. She was standing as the wall grate looking through it to the bay. Her dress was flowing in and out of the bars with the wind. The moon that hasn't gone down yet was shining on her face. As if the water was reflecting on her to make her as beautiful as possible. As the Song stopped another started Reminding me of where i was in reality. The next song was an instrumental By 90's brittany spears. Y/N started singing. For some reason i never really heard her sing for real. (The song was "Sometimes") Her voice was beautiful. I couldn't find the right word for it. As she sung the words "I see Your face, its haunting me ; i guess i need you..." Made me feel like she was talking to me. I was hiding behind the Van and staring at her through the side mirror that was able to see her through the window as she sung and swayed her hips side to side softly and slowly. As the song ended i rearranged myself making it seem like i was entering the place just now. I walked up to her Feeling super nervous and worried for some reason. I stood behind her as I stared at her then moved my eyes to the bay. "Whats so special about this? Why is she staring at it? Its just polluted water with annoying boats and people. And the city on the other side was fogged with trash." Raph thought to himself. "What do you see?" You looked up at him. "what do you mean?" You asked confused. "Why do you stare at All this ( He moved the palm of his hand in a circle in mid air ) in a trance when its..just... Bleh." You giggled at him. "what?" he asked confused. "Well...I see a pool of Glitter being glistened by the City on in. And the boats on top swim softly and honk at at each other like birds :D" you smiled. He Smiled big without his teeth showing :) "I wish i could see the world through your eyes." He complimented. You smiled at him :) You kept your hand on the bar as you slid down and started to move your body to the ground and sat on your Knees. Raph sat down next to you CrissCross like a pretzel. You leaned your head on his shoulder. No ones pov. After 5 minutes you realized where your head was once he put his arm around your waist. a blush crossed over your nose and cheeks. He saw this and smiled softly. "Hey can i ask you something?" "Yea whats up?" he answered. You continued on with your question. You were about to ask him about what Leo said about You and Raph dating before you lost your memories but you decided not to bring it up after getting his attention. You grew tense so something just popped in your mind "Can you cook?" You asked. He looked down at you "Yea i actually can. A really good friend taut me :)" You smirked-smiled "maybe one day we can make meals for one another ^.^" You said happily. "Absolutely." He said as he out of reaction of feeling like the good old days Kissed your Forehead and relaxed next to you. Your face grew BRIGHT red. "You know i actually made that dress for you to give before the memory thing." You felt your throat tighten and your lungs fill with butterflies. "RaphDidWeDateBeforeILostMyMemory?!" you freaked out as you stood up out of his grasp. his face grew speechless. "Wait what? Why? DO YOU remember something from before?!" he asked excited. "No. Leo told me about Me and You. And now i feel like your getting really comfortable around me again..(then a realization hit your head) Oh..My...GOD! Thats why you were distant and Upset all the time! It was cause of me! I made you depressed!!" You said as you grabbed your hair looking like you were about to pull it out. "Hey-Hey calm down. Don't get upset." he commanded. "How could I Not be?! I made You have heaviness in the heart~Unhappiness~ I made you- Oh my god. (You slid your body down the wall and pulled your legs to your chest and starting to cry). Raph was internally panicking. "Hey Listen. You didn't make me do any of those things. I did those all on my own. Please. Dont blame yourself. You looked up at him with your eyes (Deepening in the color of the Ocean Blue, growing greener and greener; almost as if your eyes weren't mixed with any other shade of green. Like melted Chocolate due to your watery eyes ready to a dip of Strawberry. Looking like they were white and no longer Gray; made him think of RainingClouds while tears fled your eyes. bounced with the different colors of your hazel eyes.) He took your face and cupped it with his hands and kissed your lips passionately for 3 long seconds then let go. He waited for a slap but instead your soft pouty lips touched his and you moved your mouth over his. You both synchronized while your left hand was on his shoulder and your left was on his jaw. You both kissed passionately and then it stopped. "I-i'm sorry; I dont know what came over me." You apologized as you looked away. He put his curled finger under your chin kissed your lips once more; it was a peck more than anything else. You took his hand and held the back of it to the cheek of your face. You closed your eyes in satisfaction with a small smile :) He took your body and put it in his lap as rocked the both of you slowly. You rested your head on his chest and had accidentally went back to sleep. Without you two knowing; Leo was hiding behind the Van watching you two. He growled softly and left quietly.

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