Chapter 29

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I was sitting silently for a while. I missed Areton. We were bonded, and being away from each other was painful. I didn't like the people I was travelling with. I wanted to travel with my dragon. He was part of my soul. I searched for him in my mind, and saw that he missed me too. He was hidden not far from there.

I sensed him let out a cry only a dragon in pain would. I felt his leg hurt but the pain wasn't as bad as I thought. He was afraid and intimidated.

He started panicking and his leg hurt him again. I stood up and called him with my mind. I was afraid. I didn't know what attacked him, but he was in pain and scared. And he was alone.

I urged him to fly to me, and he lifted of. He was still in pain, but the danger was gone. He sent me a picture of another dragon. But the dragon didn't have a rider. It was still twice the size of Areton and the fact that it was black hid it from Areton's sight before it was too late.

I calmed him down, telling him that I'm there. The panic started leaving him, and the pain was easier to bear.

After a while I saw him approaching us in the sky. I smiled, glad that he made it so fast.

I turned around and shook the others awake.

'My dragon is coming. He was attacked by another dragon and his leg got hurt. He isn't in that much pain, but he's staying here with me. 'I said.

'Do you want us to get caught? 'Reuben asked, letting out a growl. I growled back threateningly, pulling out a dagger.

'He stays. If you don't agree you can leave us. Or I can kill you if it makes things easier for you. ' I said angrily. Reuben's answer was cut off by Areton's growl. He sensed my anger, and he was angry as well. He landed next to me, limping slightly. I gave him a hug and was instantly filled with happiness. He licked my face in return.

'We won't travel with you. You two can ride ahead and we will catch up' Reuben said without glancing at me.

'Fine. 'I said while climbing on Areton. His leg wasn't bleeding, since all he got was a small scratch. The reason he yowled was fear since he faced the danger all alone.

The dragon's intention wasn't to hurt him, but most likely to warn him.

I told Areton to take off. I warned him to go slowly and keep high. Very high.

It took us a few minutes to reach the height we wanted, and I kept looking around for danger. I would have changed my eyes into bird's eyes, but shape-shifting didn't work there. I was extremely tired, and I didn't notice my eyes were closing until I fell asleep and found myself dreaming.

I knew that I was dreaming the instant I found myself on a field with Tanya, Fox, Jack, Snow and Jacob. I frowned.

'Like seeing you in real life isn't enough, you have to haunt my dreams as well.' I said to myself, trying to think them away, like I always manipulated my dreams. It didn't work.

Their eyes suddenly widened in surprise.

'It worked!' Tanya said. Fox nodded.

'I told you it would.' She said. Wait. Was I sharing a dream with them?

'Go away' I said, trying to wake up, but Fox was holding me inside the dream. Jacob snorted and took a step towards me.

'Well, well, well, if it isn't the runaway hero weakling... Too scared to face her punishment' He said mockingly. Jack looked angry, and Snow looked pleased. I smiled. A fight was what I needed to refresh myself.

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