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This coin saved my life but it also nearly brought me death. If I just turn the coin around, I could see death.

I sighed before looking up, "Thank you, God. I owe you a lot."


Chapter- Three

"Hey Chanel! Wait for me," I heard a voice and nearly stopped dead in my tracks due to fear.

I feared that he might return. I still remembered that night like it happened yesterday.

I turned my head and my mind relaxed when I saw it was Zoe -- my neighbour.

"Hey!" I replied smiling as she stood beside me, panting.

"Not much athletic?" I asked chuckling.

She looked at me, still breathing hardly. "Well, all I've been doing this summer is eat, watch TV and sleep, so you can say I've become lazy," She replied smiling sheepishly at me.

I nodded my head, laughing slightly.

Zoe Graham- my neighbour from ancient days. I remembered playing with her when I was young. We were close when we were small but as soon as we went to different high schools, we drifted apart.

"So where were you going?" She asked bringing me out my flashback.

"Taco bell," I said. "Wanna tag along?" I asked.

She nodded, "Sure some tacos seem nice at this moment."

We both started walking engaging in short conversations. It was really amazing how we could bring another topic as soon as the other finishes.

"You've heard about the murder, right? Zoe asked.

"Yea..." I whispered. Flashback of what happened that night flashed through my mind.

I shivered in fear.

"My father doesn't even allow me to go outside after seven because of that incident," She groaned as she pulled her hair in frustration.

I nodded my head but stayed quiet.

My happy mood went down like anything after hearing about the murder.

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