Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

*Karma (K12)

I turned slowly in my chair to be faced with King Williams. He was all types of fine. Tall, brown sugar skin, waves deeper than the ocean, tattoos crawling up his neck and down his arms. His swag was on Mars and that smile. it could light up any darkness.

"Why they call you K12?" King asked, pulling me from my imagination.

"My name is Karma and I've been doing this shit since I was 12"

King licked his juicy lips, "you know how to shoot a gun?" He asked.

I pulled out my chrome .45 and shot at a wall a few times. "Does that answer your question?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I'll take you on a run and see if you can hang"

"When?" I ask.

"Why, you got a curfew?" King chuckled.

"No but I gotta be at school in the morning" I said, with a slight attitude.

"Damn how old you is youngin?"

"Non ya damn business youngin" I said, making everyone laugh.

"We go at 11 tonight. Be ready or don't think about riding with me"

I rolled my eyes as my phone started ringing. I pulled out my phone. It was one of my older brothers Raquan.


"Keondre's home, we at mommy house"

I was so surprised. Keondre is my other older brother, who was in jail for three years; supposed to be five though. "Dead ass? Put him on the phone"

"Hey lil sis I missed you."

I held back a smile, "I'm coming to see you, don't leave Dre."


I hung up and looked at King's cute behind, "I'll be back at 10:00."

I got up before saying bye to everyone.


I walked into my mama house, happy as hell to see my big bro. "Kay!" Before I could say anything back, I was attacked by a hug that knocked the oxygen from my lungs. If I wasn't so happy, I would have shot him already. You have no idea how close all of us are.

"I missed you Dre!" I said into his shoulder as he held me in the air still. "I'm so sorry."

"You ain't even gotta say that, I know. I missed you though," he smiled.

I smiled back as he put me down. "Sorry I haven't visited you in a while. School and business mostly."

He nodded; understanding as our mom and Raquan came in. "Hey Quan," I smiled giving him a hug. I haven't seen him in a few weeks either. He lives downtown by himself in a cute two bed apartment.

"We're about to go to the mall." Quan said to our mom.

"Alright, y'all better be safe" she warned. "Love y'all"

"Love you too ma" we all said in unison before walking outside. "We can take my car" I said unlocking it with the clicker. I got in the passenger side as Quan drove and Dre sat in the back. "How come you got out early?" I asked turning around.

"Good behavior."

Quan and I looked at each other, busting out laughing. "You?... Good behavior?" I asked.

"Damn straight!" A laugh escaping him.

I shook my head looking out the window.

Keondre went to jail for robbery back in '09 and it wasn't even his fault, but he being the loyal man he is, he went to the pent and took his sentence like a G. Dre is older than both of us; 24, Raquan 22, and me 18. By the way all of our birthdays are on the same day; May 9th. That's probably one of the reasons why we're so close.

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