Short erotic stories

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Authors note: Every chapter is a new story unless I say. This will be rated R due to sexual content which there will be A LOT of and langue cause what's good sex with out dirty talk?

Short story number one School mate's


Becky is a 26 year old virgin, she's virgin because no man has ever brought the right amount of passion or desire. She's never felt the tell tell desire coiling in her lower abdomin, or the heat pool between her thick thighs. It's not because she doesn't have self confidance, she's not a stick but she's not a whale either. She's curvey, long legged, with one blue eye, and a green one. Her hair is thick and a soft light red. She has wheat freackles sprinkled arossed the bridge of her nose and on her cheeks.

She isn't dead sexually, but she can't even imagine her self a good time. It seems impossible and hopeless. when she was in highschool nine years before she still didn't find any one who brought that spark. Well that's not totally true she met a boy who gave her a small tingle down below but there was NO chance they would ever be involved sexually or other wise.

Becky is now a writer, she's written books about facts. Basic things people would want to know, like how to balance your check book, and how to make wise desions on your purchases. She never said her life was excellent but she was contented. At least until she had to go out of town to L.A for a book signing. That's when all hell broke loose and her world twisted on it's axis.

It's 4:30 in the morning and Becky is standing infront of her suit case. Her hair looks like something is living in it because she forgot to try and tame it. Becky is in a hurry. Her taxi is due any minute now and she was probably going to miss her flight. Her problem is she has packed too many things and she can't close her suit case. She screams in frustration. "Gah!! Why didn't I freaking pack last night!"

Her life is so repetitive that she simply forgot she was leaving her home state. So now because of her silly teenaged forgetfulness her studio apartment looks like a twister plundered it. Clothing hanging from cealing fans a shoe in her fish tank. This of course is because instead of having her space clean and well orginzed she flung the debris she wasn't interesting in away from her person.

Suddenly the taxi honks from out side. "Damn!" She screams again. She quickly scrapes the top layer of things off her suit case closes it and sits on it to zip it up. It does barely. She runs out side to put her luggage in the trunk and leave when she gets there the cabbie chuckles. "Hey lady you going to the airport in your robe and bunnie slippers?"

Becky gasped and looked down at her person, he was right, thin silk robe, no pants, and pink little bunny slippers. As an added irritating bonus her rob was slightly agape showing her white lacy matching bra and pantie set. She only wears and buys white because eh who is she going to show it to? Heat crawles up her neck and into her face. "I'm so sorry lemme go change real quick and we can go." "Ain't no matter to me lady just take you time."

She ran quickly to her apartment and threw on her old sweats and tennis shoes, she was so not interested in makeing him desire her. Becky regained her composure and returned to the taxi after she locked her place up this time. "Aww damn lady you sure know how to tease." Becky climed in the back quickly. "Just drive sir as quickly as possible I want to catch my stupid flight."

What she didn't know was of course the air port was 2 hours away and she needed to be there 30 minutes agao to catch it. To make matter's worse if the ran doesn't let up they were going to have to pull over. Today has certainly started out dredfully. "Look lady I'ma have to pull into this here checkers parking lot and wait till this lets up tankfully thier open 24 hours so why don't you grab some breakfast call the airport and reschedual your tickets?" Becky thought this was such a spectacular idea thats exactly what she was going to do.

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