Chapter 10: The Rain...Returns

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Koro-Sensei sighed softly as he took the wet towel away from Tsuna's hot forehead.

'I should probably change the water...'

The octopus glanced back at the three students that were sleeping near Tsuna's bed; he chuckled softly at the sight.

Just when he was about to move, he felt a tug on his robes.


The voice sounded so soft.

So scared.

So fragile.

So weak.

So helpless.

Koro-Sensei paused and looked at the source of the voice.



Tears fell softly and soaked the bed sheets.

They fell from closed eyes.

They fell from Tsuna's eyes.

The brunet's hand trembled as he gripped Koro-Sensei's robe tightly.


Koro-Sensei gripped one of his tentacles tightly as he set the bowl of water down and settled right next to the brunet, running another tentacle through his brown locks.


The brunet was still crying softly.

"Too many....I'm..sorry....why...?"

Koro-Sensei's usual grin didn't have the same spark as he continued to move a tentacle through brown locks.

Tsuna's shuddering breaths slowly calmed and his grip slackened; he stopped crying.

The octopus sat there for a few more seconds; Koro-Sensei sighed softly.

"Not a word to the others, you three."

The three students were awake once they heard Koro-Sensei move to get water; they saw the entire scene.

They nodded.

Sugino chewed at his bottom lip as he gazed at Tsuna's slightly rigid frame.

Nagisa looked down at the ground.

Karma was frowning, playing with an Anti-Sensei knife.

The rest of the night was filled with silence.


Sunset-orange eyes cracked open.

Tsuna blinked and rubbed his eyes; he noted that they were slightly puffy.

'Was I crying again?'

He glanced around the room and blinked in surprise.

Sugino, Nagisa, and Karma were snoozing softly; a Tsuna couldn't help but quirk his lips up into a smile.

But then he blinked in confusion.

'Didn't I collapse in the forest?'

He pulled his covers off and tried to stand up.

Read: try.

A certain yellow octopus suddenly popped out of nowhere and pushed the brunet back onto the bed.

"Nyguoooh! Tsuna-kun, you mustn't get up yet! You had a high fever yesterday--you need rest!"

The loud noise woke up the other occupants in the room.

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