Chapter 18

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Sunday-the second worst day of the week. You have this awesome feeling that you have a whole day of rest-but then you realize you have school tomorrow and you have not written that six parchment essay that Moody graced you with.

Growling under my breath, I trudged my way through the cobblestoned halls and tried to shove through the hordes of people going God knows where. I personally was looking for my new aquaintince-Blake. 

Blake had told me that she would help me finish my essay because she had finished her homework already and was 'bored out of her mind in the Common room."

We all agreed to meet in the open square since the snow had not started yet-and we wanted to soak up the last bit of warmth there was.

As I sifted my way through the people, I caught up with my fuzzy haired twin and her messy haired friend. "And where are you lot off to?" I asked, popping up in between them.

"I was just leaving. I was reminding Harry that we had another session in the old classroom on the fourth floor." Hermione whispered and then quickly took off. Weird.

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I don't blame her you know?"

"Don't think like that-Hermione is being self-centered if she thinks that hanging out with that big baby more than you will help her." I frowned and then bit back on my tongue-what had I just said to Harry?

Harry chuckled. "But I know the feeling-trust me;" Harry said-noticing my ashamed face. "I have known Hermione and Ron a while longer than you, and I have just now started to see the signs."

I grinned and was about to say something when in the corner of my eye-I say a boy wearing a pin that was flashing quickly from yellow and orange to a sickly green color. He noticed Harry and called to him: "You stink, Potter." I tried to get a closer look, but he walked away.

I lifted my head and look around the corridor to see that pretty much everyone was wearing one. And the one's that were not wearing them were about to put them on their vests. Suddenly, many people were bombarding Harry with comments about how much he stunk.

A Hufflepuff walked past and whistled at me-I realized he was one of the guys who had seen me soaked to the bone on the first day. Angrily, I flipped him off and ripped the pin off his chest as he brushed past me.

Harry and I looked down at the pin and I rolled my eyes when I read the words, while I'm sure Harry felt a little saddened. They read 'Cedric Diggory' with a picture of Cedric's face, then it changed to show a picture of a Tri-Wizard Cup and it was captioned: True Champion. Then finally, the pin turned a disturbing green color and Harry's face popped up in it with the caption: Potter Stinks.

"God, what an enthralling argument." I hissed and chucked the button back at the boy I stole it from-smacking him hard in the base of his neck-causing him to become winded and gasp for air for a minute or two. Oh well-he deserved it-pervert.

As I tried to shoved a trio out of the way so we could escape this place, the tallest boy shoved his pin in Harry's face with a grin. "You like the badge?"

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