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The next morning I woke up to Caydee’s soft breathing on my neck, I yawned and when I saw her face she look so peaceful and innocent if she wakes up catching me staring at her next thing you know she’s going to be calling me a pea-do.

Her eyes slowly opened showing me black marbles she licked her lips and yawned she didn’t realize I was holding her because she stretched she stuck her stomach in the air and stretched her hands behind her I stared at her hips my t shirt slightly rose showing a perfect view of her skin.

She looked at me and she sat in a normal position “pervert you better not have tried anything last night” she said eyeing me carefully.


Caydee was sitting on the counter and eating from a cereal box “yeah because milk is so over rated” I said sarcastically trying to annoy her.

She grinned “totally” she said her mouthful of cereal.

She was currently wearing my sweatshirt and a pair of holly’s skinny jeans she was wearing a tank top underneath my sweatshirt but she got cold so I gave her one of my sweatshirts.

Eva walked into the room wearing a pair of shorts and her tank top she yawned and she smile warmly at me I returned the smile, she saw Caydee and she grinned at her she smiles at me but grins at Caydee that’s not fair!

“Wassup Eva?” Caydee asked between her mouthfuls of cereal.

Eva smiled “I got school in two hours,” she stated.

“Oh shit!” Caydee said putting the cereal box on the counter and jumping off.

“jellybean you need to drop me off round my house then I need to get the outfit then you need to drop me back here then we need to get her ready and then I and maybe you need to go to her school acting like foreign exchange students and shit” she said all in one breath.

I just nodded and said “I'm just going to drop you round yours and whatever you tell me to do after that I will”

She nodded “okay take me to my house oh loyal peasant”

I gave her a hard look and narrowed my eyes.

“Please?” she said.

I nodded and took her hand she pulled it away “see you later Eva”


I was waiting patiently in the car Caydee was in the house for almost 15 minutes now, I know its not that long but I'm bored and I need to hear telling me to shut up, or to go away anything?

She came out of her house holding a big box and some other stuff I don’t know “Jellybean come help?” she said, I nodded and got out of the car and took the things from her.

She sighed “thank god!”

She opened the boot and I put the stuff their she put her hand on her mouth and sneezed she sighed and sneezed again.

“Babe you okay?”

She sneezed “yeah I'm fine”

She looked behind her cautiously and shook her head and murmured “nothing” to herself “let’s go jellybean” she said getting into the car.

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