Chapter 1: How We Fell Apart

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This chapter is dedicated to @_grace390_for the title suggestion How We Fell Apart.

Chapter 1: How We Fell Apart

I stepped outside into the light drizzle, yanking my hoodie up to avoid any hair mishaps. Adjusting my new school bag onto my back, I got into the car that I share with my older brother, Dylan. As if on cue, the front door swung open and he darted out of the house with a large grin on his face. He walked over towards the driver's side door and opened it, hopping into the truck. He tossed his bag into the backseat carelessly before shoving the key into the ignition. I watched as the book bag flopped from the seat to the floor, wondering if he even bothered to put anything in it.

"What happened to all of the new school supplies that mom bought for you?" I questioned as I turned back to look at him.

His grin didn't falter in the slightest. "I'm a senior now! I don't have to worry about grades!" he announced and my eyebrows rose.

"That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth, and I've heard you say a lot of stupid things." I shook my head.

"You wouldn't understand; wait until next year, you'll be a senior then," he explained. "Speaking of next year, how are you getting to school? Because this bad boy is coming with me to college." He patted the dashboard of the truck with a grin. Yeah right it is; I paid for half of it. "So, are you walking to school? Because it doesn't seem like you're saving for a car or anything."

I snorted, shaking my head again. "The drive to school is an hour. I don't even want to imagine walking."

"Well, you need it," the idiot beside me stated. I reached over and punched his arm as he was backing us out of the driveway. "Hey!"

"Oops, my fist slipped," I falsely apologized. My brother glared at me as he drove us in the direction of the school.

"Hey, Lex, do you happen to know the exact date of mom and dad's anniversary?" Dylan blurted, his eyes shifting towards for a second before returning to the road.

I pursed my lips in thought. Do I look like I know, Dylan? "If I'm not mistaken, it's in a few weeks."

"What do you mean by a few? Specifics please," my brother waved a hand around and I sighed, struggling to remember the exact date. I was also struggling to remember how he has more friends than I do.

"I think it is September 19th but I'm not completely sure. I can ask mom if you want me to," I suggested with a shrug. "Why?"

He smirked widely, flicking a strand of damp, brown hair from his green eyes. "I want to have a party before Isaiah and Isaac."

"The twins are throwing a party to start off the school year? Even after what happened last time?" I questioned curiously.

"They plan to. That's if they can get their parents out of the house. And if your information is correct, then I can have my party first. Their parents only leave for extremely urgent occasions ever after last year's events," my brother explained. Last year, the twins had a party and their parents came back in the middle of it, only to find their sixteen year old sons drunk on the floor with hordes of teenagers dancing around them. The twins were grounded for two entire months.

"And where am I going to go?" I questioned. "There's no way I'm sleeping in a house full of loud, drunken idiots." Dealing with sober idiots is hard enough.

"Well, I expected you to help set up the party and then you could go to one of your friend's houses," my brother suggested.

"No, thank you," I concluded.

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