Bad Boy : Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


I was laying in the hospital bed for hours. My stomach pain was gone & I just wanted to go home to take a nap. As much as I didnt want to. I kept replaying the moment when Trevor told me he loved me. I wanted it to happen for so long. But why is my heart rejecting it so much. Like, now, I dont feel the same way I felt about him before. The only person I really wanted to see is Rayan. Thinking about him made goosebumps rise on my skin. Especially after what happened last night. Then doctor came in , caramel skinned , with long brown dreads pulled to the back of his head. He was the finest Doctor Ive ever seen.

"Hello there Ms.Anderson." He was flipping through some charts on his clipboard.

" Hi." I totally sounded like a little baby compared to his voice. It should but... You know.

"Well, you suffered a severe stomach ulster. " his eyes are so brown and beautiful! But now isn't the time to fantasize. I picked at my nails to avoid his concerned gaze.

" This ulster you had today came mostly from stress .I advise you to just relax a lot more and eventually the ulster will go away on its own. Im going to give you some medicine if the pains happen again. But don't stress and overwork yourself. You could've died , if it wasn't for your friend." After that being said. I started thinking about Trevor. He saved my life...


As soon as a I got the news . I headed straight to the hospital. Kai , Savvyns friend told me that she was rushed to the hospital earlier today. The exact same time when I passed the school.

Once I was at the hospital, I rushed inside from the harsh ,cold winter air. I realized that this was the hospital Tyrone was in when they officially pronounced him dead. The air was getting heavy. I asked the nurse which room she was in . 46 b which was on the 5 th floor. I kept the flowers I had in my hand for her. Yeah , I bought her flowers . Strange. I never do that type of stuff. Not even did I do it for my exes or my own mother. But they aren't important like Savvyn. When the trip on the elevator ended I was on the 5th floor. I went to her designated room and her father was talking to a nurse at the nearby desk. Giving me a angry glare. I brushed it off and went inside her room. Only to see her and Kai laughing and talking. The room was clustered with flowers ,teddy bears,& balloons. It made my flowers look like shit.

"Ray ! You came." Savvyn's face glowed when she saw me. Which made me extra nervous to give her these flowers.

"Yeah..." I neared her bed and handed her the flowers.

"Ray these are beautiful ..." She smiled and She gave me a kiss on the cheek .

I swear that her friend Kai was about to break her face grinning at us. Haha. Then she finally excused herself so we could be alone. I grabbed a chair from a corner in the room and pulled it next to her bed, then sat down. The silence filled the room. With the tv in the background droning along.

"Today was crazy huh?"

"It was.. How you feeling?" I asked grabbing her hand gently .

" Better , except for those random shots they gave me." She laughed a little.

"Im just glad that your okay." I kissed her fingers .

Then her dad came in , with a more less angry expression.

"Hello ... Ragan ? Is that your name ?" He asked , as if he actually want to know.

"Its Rayan, dad.." Savvyn said. Then slipped her hand out of mines.

"Well.. They're releasing you tomorrow morning. Anything you want me to bring? "

She shook her head no.

"Okay.. Good night.." He came and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Me a strange glare. Then left.


My dad left me and Rayan together. He had a date tonight so he was in a hurry . Which I was extremely jealous that he put a date before me. Rayan held my hand again and looked into my eyes. Then it seemed like he was staring into my soul or something. My heart started to beat really fast.

" Is everything good with you?" I asked.

"Yeah ... Its not the same without Ty, you know?"

"Yeah. I understand..." Then I started to remember what Kai told me.

"Ray.... Kai told me that the police are looking for you." He dropped my hand & his expression got cold.

"When did she tell you that?"

"Today. They have you as a suspect. "

"That explains why my mom kept calling.." He pulled out his phone and looked through it .. Then put it back in his pocket. I hope they don't try and falsely accuse ray. He didn't kill him . I don't know about those 4 other people, but ray isn't like that. As far as I know.

"You look worried." He stated . Interlocking our fingers together.

" I just don't want you in any trouble. If they lock you up then I would be sad."

"They wont lock me up ,baby I promise. I will never leave you alone. " he kissed my hand for reassurance.


"Yeah, your mines now." We laughed together at the way he said it.

"I dont mind that." I bit my bottom lip. Shamed that I was flirting back.

"By the way, you were amazing last night." He added, with a smile.

"Well thank you. " I laughed a little. Then he kissed me . Causing the sparks to fly once again.


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