YouTube Hotties 15

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The winner for this week is Onision :P

Gregory Daniel Jackson was born on November 11th, 1985. He is an American YouTube video maker and personality. He is known on YouTube as Onision; the name of his flagship channel. He is most recognizable in mainstream media as the creator of the "Banana Song (I'm A Banana)," which has amassed over 42 million views, and nearly 400k likes.

On YouTube, Jackson is known as a controversial content creator - known popularly as YouTube's Perfect Villain - due to his handling of controversial matters in his videos, feuding with other YouTubers, showcasing much of his personal life in his videos, and having a firm and strong system of beliefs that he has been known to convey in what can be considered an irrational manner.

Greg has never outwardly discussed his birthplace or hometown, but it is believed that he was born or at least lived in Oregon at some point during his upbringing, due to his mentioning going to school in Oregon.

A recurring theme in Jackson's videos has been his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts or behaviors throughout his life. He has said that he was deeply depressed and suicidal in high school, from which he recovered. He has gone on record stating that he was again depressed and having suicidal thoughts in his adult life, as a result of his on-going struggle with his personal life. Having recovered from depression multiple times, he uses his experience aid others as a peer advisor. He uses comedy and pokes fun at bands to ease the stress.

**Comment the number of one of your favorite YouTuber and leave suggestions in the comment section as well. Happy voting and good luck!


British YouTubers:
1. Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe)
2. Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)
3. Caspar Lee (Caspar)

Gaming YouTubers:
4. Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie)
5. Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla (Smosh)
6. Aleks Marchant (ImmortalHD)
7. James Wilson (UberHaxorNova)

Vlogging YouTubers:
8. Christopher Ballinger (Chris Ballinger)
9. Arnold Telagaarta (Arnold Telagaarta)
10. Julien Solomita (Julien Solomita)
11. John & Hank Green (vlogbrothers)

Comedian YouTubers:
13. Joey Graceffa (JoeyGraceffa)
14. Ryan Higa (nigahiga)
15. Damon Fizzy (deefizzy)
16. Rhett McLaughlin & Link Neal (Rhett & Link)
17. Shane Dawson (shane)
20. David Nyedav (nyedav)

My Digital Escape Male YouTubers: 
22. Johnnie Guilbert (Johnnie Guilbert)
23. Bryan Stars (BryanStars)
24. Kyle David Hall (Kyle David Hall)
25. Jordan Sweeto (Jordan Sweeto)
26. Jeydon Wale (Jeydon Wale)

Artists/Singer YouTubers:
27. Ricky Dillon (Ricky Dillon)
28. Matthew Yoakum (Matt Slays)
29. Jeremy Evans (Jeremy Illustrates)
30. Richie Giese (SocialRepose)


Beauty Guru YouTubers:
31. Zöe Elizabeth Sugg (Zoella)
32. Louise Pentland (Sprinkleofglitter)
33. Bethany Mota (Bethany Mota)
34. Ingrid Nilsen (Ingrid Nilsen)
35. Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)
36. Eugenia Cooney (Eugenia Cooney)

Comedian YouTubers:
37. Jenna Mourey (JennaMarbles)
38. Lilly Singh (IISuperwomanII)
40. Rachel Ballinger (Rachel Ballinger)
41. GloZell Green (GloZell Green)
42. Hannah Hart (MyHarto)
43. Mamrie Hart (Mamrie Hart)
44. Catherine Valdes (catrific)
45. Grace Helbig (Grace Helbig)
46. Rebecca Zamolo (Rebecca Zamolo)
47. Rachel Meyer (grav3yardgirl)
48. Amanda Mandingo (AmandasChronicles)
49. Lainey Jackson (Laineybot)

50. Miranda (Miranda Sings)

Gaming YouTubers:
51. Molly (TheEnglishSimmer)
52. Delly (Deligracy)

My Digital Escape Female YouTubers:
53. Shannon Taylor (HeyThereImShannon)
54. Alex Dorame (Alex Dorame)

Recently Added:
55. Kellin Quinn (Kellin Quinn)
56. Chris Weekly (weekly Chris)
57. Mitch Grassi & Scott Hoying (Superfruit)
58. Cyndago ;(
59. Alister Dippner (Imamachinist)
60. Drew Disaster (Drew Disaster)
61. Dorothy Clark (Doddleoddle)
62. Evan Edinger (Evan Edinger)
63. Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

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