Part 5

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For those of you who decided to skip parts one through four, here is the run down...

Part 1: Edward is a normal kid who dies during a hurricane. he wakes up thinking he fell asleep on the freeway but he actually is dead.

Part 2:Edward is going through his tests so that he may earn his sythe, then i introduce tori into the mix they havent met though. Then edward watches the slitting of the troat of his sister which unlocked his true form.

Part 3:Ed makes it through his test and comes out like the champ i created. he gets his sythe and his fighting skills are killer literally.

part 4: Name change to demetia or just fucking "D" lol

Now read the rest of the sries in order because i am not doing this again. your very lucky I even decided to do it now. now hold on to your seats because this is about to get alittle bumpy and i have the greatest feeling that you will like this twist. to all the readers who have been keeping up thank you but do me a favor and please comment cause you not commmenting is not helping one damn bit. thanks and much love to writers everywhere.



Edwards (a.k.a. Dementia or d) P.O.V.

We spoke to soon. All around us, flamig orbs and crystal shatter bombs, generated and were hurled our way.

"Shit one of the survivors got away. Thanks for drawing my attention you lazy fuck. How about you come down here and lending a great FUCKING hand!!" I said trying to keep from crushing my ear peice and just fucking leaving the battle field for the sake of pissing him off.

"UUUUUUUMMMMMMMMm no. So take of business and THEN you can do whatever you want" said the shaman who saved my life. I never knew his name and I really didnt give a flying fuck right now.

"Ready the shields!!!"

"Sir, our spellcasters are down and wont get back to full health until morning."

"Fine then I will deal with the situation personally. Tell everyone to be on guard but take cover."

I took off full speed in the direction I saw flame orbs being generated. I stoppped and froze in my place. they were everywhere and thats when it hit me. We were completley surrounded and there was only one option left. I turned around and sprinted full speed for the brigade. i went inside and found everyone sitting in huddled cirlces and tending to the wounded.

" I have some bad news."

They all looked at me.

"We are completely surrounded and there is no way out. The only thing we can do now is stay here and wait out the bombardment. eventually they will get to this area and we will be captured... Unless you would rather surrender now. It was a pleasure to work with all of you and what ever choice you come to I will stand by without a fight."

It was silent. Nobody said anything. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of the mid night bombardment. Finally they came to a desicion... We were going to surrender for rules say that if we surrender we shant die but go free at the end of the war to be with ouir family again. I walked outside and threw the white staff of surrender at a the giant chariot of the general hundreds of yards away. The firing stopped and we all walked outside to be met by the general and his troops. He looked at us and waived his hand for someone to come forth. A soldier in all black handcuffed us alla dn led us into open field. I knew what this meant.

"Rules of surrender say we are prisoners of war."

'I dont take prisoners" the general said.

Everyone began to yell screaming...........


I didnt complain. I just foillowed and went where ever they said. The general saw my fearlessness and grabbed me.

"You will make a perfect slave for my daughter the princess."

"Fuck you. Id rather die with my men."

"You'll join them soon if you are who i think you are. Ofiicer sedate this man and kill all prisoners.":

I readied myself and though someone woud sleep me at any second but someone came from behind and covered my mouth with chloroform. Shit I HATE chloroform. I was out like a light within seconds.The last thing I saw was the slaughter of my men and the laughing of the enemy. I would get my revenge I swore on my sister's grave............ my families grave........... i would kill them all. they would all burn in hell for the crimes they have comitted against me............

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