Chap. 3

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Trey's POV


I woke up in an ambulance. My head ached, and I forced myself to keep awake.

“Hey kid” an EMS worker said, with a smile.

“Where’s Spencer” I asked, pushing through the cloud of confusion and pain in my head.

“He’s in the other ambulance. Don’t worry.”

“Oh God” I said, my head hurting.

“How’re you feeling?”

“My head is killing me” I said, closing my eyes.

“Yeah, you took a pretty hard hit to the head.”

I groaned. “What happened?”

“You were hit by a guy by the name of Blake Warren.”


The guy smiled. “He’s following us in his car. He’s been pretty worried about you and your brother.”

“How is Spencer?”

The guy was silent. “He’s pretty beat up” he said, after a while.

“What does that mean” I demanded, trying to sit up.

The guy put his hands on my shoulders. “Don’t make me restrain you.”

I lied down, obediently. I began to notice all the other pains, like my shoulder for instance.

“What does that mean” I weakly asked, the pain taking a toll on me.

“I don’t know kid, I didn’t really assess him. But from what I saw, he’s gonna have a long recovery in front of him. It looks like he shattered his tibia and cracked his femur.”

I groaned. “I told him not to sit with his leg up.”

“Now that you’re awake, do you have a parent we can call? Or a guardian?”

“Alice Montgomery.”

The guy picked up his cell phone and talked briefly before hanging up.

“The hospital is contacting her right now.”

“She’s somewhere right now, she’s doing something important. I just can’t remember what” I said, my head pounding. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

I began to shift in and out of consciousness as we reached the hospital and I was transferred into a room.

When I finally regained full consciousness, a man was standing in my room. He looked worried.

“Who are you” I asked, looking around. I was in a room, but I didn’t exactly remember how I got there.

“Blake Warren” the guy said, extending his hand.

I noticed my right arm was in a sling, so I shook his hand with my left.

“Trey Langston.”

“I’m so sorry about what happened. I just wasn’t paying attention. Oh God.”

I looked around. “Where’s Spencer?”

“He’s in the ICU. They haven’t been able to contact your mother to get consent for the emergency surgery.”

“Surgery for what” I asked.

“His leg, it’s pretty beat up.”

My head was pounding, it was too much information at once.

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