Chapter Four

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"Mother are you sure about this!?" Meadow asked, worried.

Her mother looked down at her, "Of course. You four will do a fantastic job." Meadow sighed. There was no way they could do this!

"What if we mess up. We aren't professionals." Aqua pointed out. "You girls won't mess up! Quit doubting. Have confidence." King Flames ordered.

"Now, let's start training before you girls doubt yourselves even more!" Queen Waves grinned.

They all trained together, they would prefer at their own lands, but the Kings and Queens didn't seem to agree.

"No, you girls need to get along with each other more. If you train alone, then once you go you won't know how to work with each other." Queen Nature had said.

"But, this the earth element! How can I practice fire here! I need my volcano." Blaze had argued, folding her arms over her chest.

"You girls need to learn to use your powers anywhere, and not just at your land. It will improve your skills." King Winds had explained. They all seemed frustrated with us. They can't blame us!

So that's how they ended up in the grass, together. None of the girls would communicate with each other. They were obviously still bothered from the argument earlier.

Meadow however was practicing just fine, considering they were standing in her element. Blaze rolled her eyes, as Meadow had balanced a pile of dirt in her hand.

"Oh show off why don't you?" Blaze barked. Aqua however was fascinated, but was struggling with herself. She couldn't make any water move in the past ten minutes.

Ariel had brought a book with her, she was reading about wind powers. "If you would stop complaining and scolding maybe you would get something done." Ariel snapped, not looking up from her book. Meadow laughed.

Blaze whipped her head in Ariel's direction, "I told you I can't train here!"

The Kings and Queens were watching them from a distance, "They are gonna have to get along and learn to help and, teach each other." King Winds announced.

King Flames sighed, "Just give them time."

Ariel noticed that when Blaze got really angry, heat would radiate off her body. "Wow! Look!" She shouted, standing up and taking a step closer to Blaze.

"What are you yapping about?" Blaze demanded, taking a step back. Meadow and Aqua turned their attention on Blaze too. "That's cool!" Aqua commented, smiling.

"What? What's cool?!" Blaze shouted, frustrated. Was something on her face? Were they just mocking her?

"When you get angry or aggravated heat radiates off your body!" Meadow explained. Blaze huffed, "Yah sure."

"Now really watch! Look at your arm." Aqua shouted, grabbing Blaze's arm. "I don't see anything." Blaze said, annoyed. "Oh I know!" Ariel added, "Blaze fire is useless. Why is everything so red?"

This made Blaze angry, she gritted her teeth, "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" She shouted. "Blaze! Look at your arm now!" Aqua, bounced up in down.

Blaze looked down at her arm, she was right. Heat was radiating off! This is something new! "Woah! Quick say something to get me more mad!" Blaze demanded.

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