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Lovino Vargas, a timid little boy of the age of 8 watched the others in his daycare have fun with his current caretaker, Mr. Antonio. Each week, all the kids would switch from Mr. Antonio to Mr. Francis or to Mr. Gilbert. But this week it was Mr. Antonio.

Lovino never really liked daycares. Every single one, he put tantrums up for days and made sure that they couldn't get anything done. Only because he had that feeling that they didn't like him, just for the money.

But Mr. Antonio felt different. He didn't feel like he was in this for the money. Or he was faking it really well. Either way, he was actually taking care of his classmates and showing them how to cook little things and playing house with them. He sang songs that made all the kids drowsy, even Lovino himself. He introduced him to foods he never knew tasted so good.

But it was so boring at the same time.

Lovino wanted to move to Mr. Gilbert's room, he had so much fun stuff there and always gave the kids something fun to do. As for Mr. Antonio, all they did was watch him do it and maybe participate sometimes.

He wanted to hit something- but not hurt someone of course, but maybe something that doesn't involve stupid cooking or singing.

"It's easy, no? Just as long as you have your parents permission to make food." Antonio was explaining one day and Lovino was to the side, messing with his shirt. Antonio noticed, frowning. "Lovino, why don't you come join us?"

"Because I don't want to." He replied, turning to the side.

"Lovino, I know what you're like. Your parents told me all about you. You've been kicked out of 29 different daycares. I know you don't really like being here, but at least make the best of it."

"It's too boring! I want to be with Mr. Gilbert and run around or something!" Lovino replied and Antonio chuckled.

"So you're that type of kid. I have something for us to do then, everyone." The kids around Antonio anxiously waited for his instructions.

"My family owns a tomato farm, a huge one at that. I picked some tomatoes for us to use for our new game. I told you all to bring extra clothes and I know you all did." Antonio slowly pulled out a tomato from his back and rolled it on the floor besides Lovino. Behind Antonio were several bags of tomatoes to last 40 minutes of game time.

"But isn't that a waste?" Lovino said, picking up the tomato. Antonio laughed, replying, "I never cared for the money. What matters is that you all have fun."

And that's when Lovino knew that this man wasn't faking his love for the kids. He actually enjoyed it. Lovino gave him a bright smile, before throwing it at Mr. Antonio, who gasped in fake surprise.

"Lovino! How dare you!" He chuckled, grabbing a tomato and throwing it at Lovino. Soon the other kids followed in and threw tomatoes at each other, having a blast.


This was just a small idea and it became something even more. Whatcha think of it?

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