5. How It All Started...

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Guys here is the past of TD started from this very chapter.


Nobody is telling a story here, I am keeping it like simple POVs so that you all won't get confused but just keep in mind that from here onwards this is PAST

And alllll the past incidents will be in just one chapter :o yup! It will be chapter 5 and then the sub chapters like 5.1 and 5.2 and so on........ and then from chapter 6 again present will start.

Okay no more rants....happy reading <3

Chapter # 5

Gul's POV

Stepping out from the cubical, I stood right in front of the basin shelf and looked at my reflection in the mirror wall at my front.

Am 17 years young Pathan girl and the name is Gul, Gul Khan....yup I know sounds more like a truck driver kinda name but that's okay coz am cool.

My parents died in a terrorist attack back in Kabul when I was a couple of years old and so my aunt (my mother's sister) and her husband brought me here to New York, they were childless I was parentless so we actually made a reasonably good combo.

And now here I am stuck in The Bronx, last year high school. My life is cool though; shopping, video games, acting, school and not to ever forget Ibraheem and Hussain, without whom Gul isnt't Gul and..... life isn't life.

The girl standing next to me applied a thick carpet layer of striking pink, up on her huge ass lips giving me a feeling to throw up right at her face. And just when I was staring at her reflection in the mirror with a frown on my forehead her gaze shifted to me and I quickly faked a smile.

"Joshua loves pink" fluttering her eyelashes she cheesed and I could actually imagine Joshua with a head of donkey over his shoulders.

Eeeiieewww. Jerking the thought away I looked back at my face and roughly set my extreme curls in their place.

Sometimes I used to wonder my hair were like Mom or Dad? And then I got the answer they were actually like that scotch bright in my kitchen basin.

Collecting them all in my hands I made a high bun out of them and fixed a couple of pencils in them to keep in place, I was about to move when I saw that idiot Bess stepped in and gave me a strange weird kind a look as if I was some cold rotten piece of pizza, rolling my eyes I looked back in the mirror.

"koson door gaa'on mein aj bhi jab bacha rota hea to maa kehti hea so ja beta nai to....Gabbar aa jae ga" I flaunted looking in the mirror and Bess looked at me with a confused expression. I held my chuckle, everytime I talk in my language in front of her she would think I was abusing her or something.

Silly girl....

"Come again. did you call me something?" She actually took a step closer and asked, I completely ignored her and kept looking ahead.

"merey pas looks hen. Style hea. Smile hea....tumharey pas kia hea?"

"Merey pas Maa hea" right when I was at the peak of flaunting my inborn acting skills that monkey of my life jumped out of nowhere grabbing me from behind and yup...

saley na Amaa behen ker di sarey mood ki.

"Hussain chor!" I tried to get out from his grip but his arms were wrapped tight around my lower waist and his laughter literally annoying me to the limits.

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