A Happy Time Before a Nightmare Will Come

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AN Thankyou to all those that read/reading. I finally got back into this story. Also read Bella? No its Izzy Swan. I own nothing


It has been a week since the party and everything is great. Tonight Connor asked me to skip dinner and come to the beach. I wore a blue and black sundress, bare foot, bathing suit and my ring and shell necklace. As I came I saw a picnic, I went over and sat next to Connor. We watched the stars, Connor spoke up " Bella I know were both young only 17 (AN I moved Bellas age down to fit with Percys she only acted 18) but I love you so much Izzy "  he got onto one knee and opened a box with a gold banned ring with a small diamond and around it with sea green and blue around it, tears came to my eyes." Izzy will you marry me and become Bella Stoll?" I jumped on him " Yes,yes!! I love you too Connor." "Come on Mrs.Stoll"

We brought the food back to cabin 3 and went to the pavilion. We went to Percy and the other seven. I was grinning they all looked confused except for Percy and Jason they laced there hands together. You see after the party Annabeth and Percy split because they fell for others Annabeth fell for Piper and Percy for Jason since those two split. They both s a w the ring and grinned the others to. "  Take care of her Stoll." Percy spoke, he nodded and we got news that the Cullens left to go home. We went to our cabins and went to sleep not knowing the nightmare of tommorow.


I like those pairs Jercy and Pipabeth if you don't sorry but it stays.

Still the same vote and follow and if any ideas comment for now bye.


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