.:Chapter One: Adorable:.




Stupid bothersome talking flies, go away. I'm trying to sleep. Well, trying to go back to sleep since they woke me up from the most amazing dream I've ever had. Just the memory of it brings a smile to my face, it felt so real. Who cares, it was fantastic that's all that matters. And getting rid of these pesky flies.

"Aha! He's smiling! Hazza, he's smiling. He's awake!" Oh, they're not flies. It's just Louis and his step-brother.

"Boo, maybe he's just having a good dream. Let our little leprechaun sleep." And there's the step-brother. Harry.

Both are openly gay, being all brotherly gushy in front of me. With their stupid kisses, hugs, and cuddling. Sometimes it sucks being the only straight one in the group...

"I heard there's going to be some transfer guy from Bradford, you know, where that hottie Carter came from?"

Okay, so I lied. I'm not straight. Far from it, I'm bi, but I lean more towards guys than girls. So I might as well be gay, but no, Demi is proof that I do date girls. But whatever, who cares about her when there's a new, hopefully just as hot, guy coming to our school. And once again, I'd be lying if I said at the mention of a Bradford transfer, I didn't bolt out of bed and dashed around my room looking for something decent to wear and took a shower in ten minutes just to make sure that I looked and smelled my best.

Twenty minutes later I'm standing in front of Haz and Lou all ready to go to school, backpack at the ready with a giant smile on my face. "Let's go then! That way I can...show him around the school, and you know maybe steal a quick kiss or two."

Harry just stands there trying it seems, not to laugh. Louis, on the other hand, bursts out laughing "Someone's desperate. Nialler, sweetie, it's Sunday."

Damn it. "I-I knew that. I'm not desperate. What are you talking about?" Lies. My face turns bright red as my voice gets high pitched with each lie. One of the things I hate about myself is that I can't tell a bloody lie without my voice giving me away.

That only feeds their laughter, And the only remark I came come up with is a lame "Shut up." But that too comes out as a whine.

"Okay, okay. We're done. We're done." Harry manages to get out between chuckles, Louis doesn't look like he's breathing from his silent laughter. Serves him right. "When Lou here is done, we can get breakfast somewhere and then just walk around."

Pouting I drop my bag on the floor and flop back down on my bed closing my eyes. "Hey, Haz?"

There's a dip in the bed and then familiar fingers running through my hair. "Yeah Ni?"

Curling my body into a ball, I snuggle onto Harry's side. "Can we go later? I'm sleepy."

I'm not sleepy at all. Actually, I just need some time alone to think about things. Things that have been going through my mind for some time now, and oddly enough they all go back to my dreams. "Sure, Niall. Just call us when you're up for it." Some mumbling coming from Louis and then my door closes, leaving me alone. Just the way I want it.

Now that I have time for myself, I don't feel like getting what I need. But this may be the only chance I get, so with some encouragement from myself, I get up and open my drawer. Sliding under the covers once more, my lips pulling up into a smile as I read the small piece of paper.

'Niall, I know you probably don't feel the same way, but I just have to get this off my chest. And hopefully, it won't ruin our friendship.

I like you. As in more than a friend.

Silly I know, why would you ever like me back, I'm no one. Just your friend. But that's okay. I can deal with it. But you know, if you ever feel the same way, I'll be here with open arms. Hope this doesn't change anything.



I found this note on my bed three weeks ago. And I still haven't answered back. I don't know how I feel about him and still don't. To me, Harry has always been a friend I could count on he was there for me when I was lost years ago. I don't exactly remember why I felt lost, but I know it was because of someone special to me. Harry was there to pull me through. And I guess, it felt nice to know he likes me for me. Weird, strange, me.

Maybe, I could talk to him about it today and take things slow from there. It's settled, one thing down. Two more to go. Both are connected somehow, that much I know. The dreams and that particular person. He always appears in my dreams, but I don't know who he is or what happened to him.

I close my eyes remembering the first dream that I had when I was thirteen.

* * *

"- what does adorable mean?" I ask the older boy as I spin around on the spinny chair.

He looks at me confused "Well, you see, it's like...well. Um. I guess it means that you're cute like a baby or a baby penguin. Sorry, I can't help that much. Why do you ask?"

I scratch my head, not really sure then I remember. "Oh!" I throw my hands up "Because, when I'm outside some strangers say that I'm so adorable and cute and stuff. But I don't know what it means."

Suddenly, he's carrying me. Like I'm a baby. But I'm not! "- put me down! - please!" I move around not wanting to be carried, that and his skin is cold as always.

"Why Nialler? I like carrying you." He swings me around, and I bite my tongue trying not to laugh at the tingly feeling in my stomach. "See? It's like you're my little baby."

"But you're not my daddy. Why can't I be something else?" I ask, not wanting to be his baby. It sounds weird.

He stops swinging me and puts me down, crouching down to my level. "Then how about you're my little angel? How's that?"

"Hmm." I scratch my chin, thinking, "Okay -! I'm your adorable little angel!"

* * *

I love that dream. Yet it frustrates me so much at the same time. I can never hear the boy's name. My dream-self forms his name, but I can't figure it out. I want to know his name. It's annoying! My hands unconsciously reach up to my hair, ready to rip my hair out when Harry's letter catches my eye.

I reach for my phone, texting Louis that I'd be at their house in a few minutes.

He said he would always be there with open arms.

Time to see if he's still waiting for me.

* * *

Running down the street to Harry's house, I laugh out loud for some strange reason. Maybe because I won't be lonely anymore. I'll finally have someone that I can call mine.

But lost in my thoughts, I don't pay attention to where I'm going and end up crashing into someone. I fall back landing on my bum with a yelp while the other person curses as they stumble backward.

"Hey! Watch where you're going dumb-ass!"

Shaking my head to clear the slight ringing in my ears, I look up and meet the oddest yet most fascinating pair of brown eyes I've ever seen.


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