Part 15 😙

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So you had already re-met everyone. Even Master Splinter. He never really came out much anymore. He kinda just chilled in his own area and minded his own business until the turtles were ready for their next lesson or to review lessons. Donnie seemed cool. He was a real smarty pants. Sometimes it seemed hard to understand him with his geeky talk and all. Mikey was F****** Hilarious! He always had some remark towards his brothers that made you non-stop laugh. He was really laid back but one time you stayed in their lair for a night and hear crying come from his room. You wondered if their was something behind his bright smile during the day. Leonardo was really sweet. What he said must have been true cause he talks to you like he's known you for like, forever. He said since the guys are gonna catch up on some training; he's gonna take me swimming today ^.^ ... Raph seems; off. Everytime i try to talk to him, he gets all tense and is afraid to be near me. He's so big and intimidating; why does he act like I'm intimidating?! I don't understand. He looks really sad all the time now too. I wanna ask what's wrong but i feel like it none of my beeswax. Right now you were climbing down a ladder in their lair; you landed on your feet as you skipped the last three steps. You saw Raph sitting on the couch watching his shows with his feet up on a coffee table while his elbow was resting on the couch's armrest and his fist was supporting his jaw. You walked over at normal pace and stood by his side with your hands behind your back. He looked up at you coldly, then his eyes went sad and soft. Your fear of making him uncomfortable fled through your veins. "May i sit next to you?" You asked in the kindest you possibly could. He nodded; and with that you sat next to him and fixed your Kawaii Dress as you adjusted yourself on the PizzaBox Couch. You crossed your legs. You had Half nude and half Black panda stockings on with a pair of black and white platform Wedged Sneakers on. You slid a piece of hair while glancing fast-like at Raphael. His eyes were glued on the Television When he asked me a question that stunned my brain from thinking. "Y/N. Why don't you remember us?" he asked as his eyes never moved from the TV. "I-I don't know.For some reason it didn't cross my mind. O.O " you answered surprised at this for some reason; out of every question you've asked yourself; This was the Question you didn't ask yourself. He then looked at you with his Gold Plated Green eyes. For some reason your body felt like it was going to melt. Your body without the help of the brain moved on its own as your put your hand on your heart. Your heart was beating Fast; you realized this after your hand felt your heart beat. You lost your breathe as you tried catching it. "H-hey you ok?" He asked concerned. "Yea. Its just. When you looked at me; for some reason..My heart..Its racing?" You questionably answered. His eyes opened a bit and for some reason seemed...Brighter? happier? Raph at that moment realized that you may not remember him; but your heart does. And that gave him hope. He Wrapped his arms around you quickly; and pulled you in for a hug. His Breathing as if he was crying (but he really wasnt). You were stunned by his actions. You wrapped your arms awkwardly around him "He-hey you ok Raph?" You asked seriously Concerned for him. You never saw him like this. He was always so distant..keeping his distance from you at all time. When ever he looked at you he always looked sad. He never smiles, doesn't laugh. And when he pulled away..You saw him Smile. Big. With his teeth showing too. "dude are you ok?!" You asked again more louder with a squeak in your voice. "I'm..sorry. I didnt- i uh... Sorry." He apologized embarrassingly. you chuckled. "its ok. really. But are you ok? You've been extremely distant since i first met you. And you randomly just Hug me with happiness." he didn't really seem to be able to answer that. He kinda just look away. You were confused at this. "Hey we're back! Hey Y/N wanna get ready for tonight!" Leo estacticly said. 'OH yea Right, yea. Brb." you happily smiled as you ran into the bathroom to get your swimsuit on. Raph looked at you leave and then his eyes trailed over to Leo. "And where are you going?" Raph asked annoyed knowing His brother had a plan to get Y/N for himself. "I told Y/N that i would take her swimming." "where at?" Raph asked "That's none of your business now is it Raph?" Leo sassed. Raph stood up and looked at his brother face to face "OH so now that Your talking smack you think their is nothing i can do Cause I AINT THE LEADER!?" Raph growled. "I'm reaaaaddyyyy." You sung as you walked over to Leo. You wore a long white lace dress that covered your body. Nothing could be seen through it. (the lace was an overlay of the white fabric). You came up in between Raph and Leo. You looked at Leo "ready?" "Sure am :)" he smiled as wrapped his arm around your shoulders as you two left. *Time skip to the pool* Leo had you in his arms bridal style as he carried you from rooftop to rooftop. you finally arrived at your destination. "Where are we?" You asked enjoying the hot Night breeze. 'Hang on real a..swwiittch around here somewhere." Leo sorta answered as he searched for the switch on the wall. Lights through out the pool turned on. They were all white lights. They illuminated everything. Even your skin. Leo turned around to you taking off your dress as your back was arched. As it slipped off Leo's throat became dry. He began to take off his gear as he would glance at you without making it obvious. You wore a Pink lolita Bathing Suit that had fringes, ruffles and a bow that crossed over your breasts. But you didn't look flat chested thanks to your fairly good sized Cleavage. You sat down on the pool lounge chairs with your one leg extended and your other leg was bent close to you. You looked over to see how Leo was doing. He had this bamboo chestPlate to get off yet but it seemed he was keeping his shorts on. You looked over at the glimmering pool of light. It was soooo beautiful at night in general. You loved the Moon, the stars, the darkness, the coolness of the night, the quietness, the everything! You finally decided to jump into the pool. Leo heard and Felt a splash of the pool. He looked behind himself as he had already finished getting undressed except for the shorts and his mask still on. Obviously. He didn't see you surface so he was starting to worry. "Y/N?" He asked in his normal voice. "Y/N?" He yelled. He jumped into the pool after you. Once the bubbles had cleared from his vision you were on the floor of the pool just sitting there with your legs at your chest and waved to him. Your pearly whites showed as your smiled and you obviously giggled cause bubbles spilled from your lips. You pushed your body up with your legs. Your body straight and curvy aimed for the surface and you backstroked around the pool in circles. He swam up to meet you up there. He finally reached the top only to find out you were circling him as you stroked. He watched you as your flat stomach showed your tiny abs. A line down from your rib cage ended to your belly button defined you. You turned over in the water and dove down where the last thing the surface saw was your booty. Leo watched as the light illuminated you as your body moved smoothly. It was so beautiful and strong like an Ice Skater swerving and dancing. You finally reached the bottom. Good thing you practice breathing techniques. You starting using your tippy toes to walk on the ground of the pool. Leo swam down to meet up with you. He turned to look at you to see you were 5 feet away. He saw your butt Cheeks sway side to side as you use your toes to walk like Ballet. You turned your head to face him and waved as you show your teeth for a smile. He smiled and waved back. He walked over to you. Grabbed your hand and headed to the surface dragging you with him. You reached the surface, You took a deep breath of Oxygen. You sat your butt up on the ledge as he crossed his arms on the same ledge next to you and laid his head down on his Forearms. You swung your legs gently in the water and watched it as it made beautiful sounds of swooshing and soft splashing. You breathed in the sweet warm air as your eyes were closed. You looked up to see the city all lit up and sparkling with life. "Beautiful isnt it?" you complimented the city. "Definitely. " he said not taking your eyes off of you; pretty much telling you how he felt but with you staring at the city, you didn't realize where he was looking at. He plopped himself up on the ledge beside you. He took a random towel off the rack Right behind you two and wrapped it around your arms with him holding you in his right arm while you grabbed the corners of the towel with your fingers. And Right then and there you heard whispers. You turned your head around; you didn't see anyone. "Everything alright?" he asked. You didn't answer until 5 long seconds later "Yea." You said slowly turning your head towards the city and then looked at Leo. Who was apparently looking at you. You smile :D He smiled back :) And then you heard a "COOOWAAAABBUNNGGGAAA!" "WooohHOOOO!!!as a huge splash made you completely soaked. You breathed heavily while water was still pouring from your hair down to your face. You looked up to see it was Mikey. "Mikey?! DON?! What are you doing here?" Leo asked upset. "We decided to surprise you!" Mikey answered cheerful as ever. "And who's idea was that?" He asked sternly. And right there and then a huge Pound behind the both you. You looked behind you to see Nothing was there. Then your felt yet another huge splash. To see Raph had dragged Leo into the pool. "It was my idea." Raph said cockily. As he let go of Leo's neck. Leo growled at Raph. Raph smirked happy that he had intervened on Leonardo's plans with your tonight. You laughed at their behavior. "What?" Raph asked. "You two are just so funny." you answered as you were still giggling. Donnie and Mikey were kinda just doing there own thing. They would wrestle, have splash fights, and would use the Floaty Tubes as water cannons. You giggled at their behavior. Mikey was pushing Donnie around telling him that He was more stronger than Don was. Donnie laughed at this mockery. You were lying on the ground; feeling a bit tired and fatigued from the night. When donnie came out of the pool he had slipped on some kind of kid toy someone was too lazy to pick up. He had caught himself in a PushUp style but his lips had met yours. Your eyes opened in shock; your heart Raced. He let go "IIII ammm sooooo sorry. I didnt mean too! I swear!" You lifted yourself up and touched your lips. You looked at the others seeing they were in shock of what happened. Mikey bursted out laughing at this embarrassment for Donnie. Leo and Raph had fire growing in their eyes, and not the lustful kind, The kind that says; next sparring match I'll KILL YOU. Donnie whimpered at their looks. "Hey dudes. Its fine! Really! it was an accident. Right Donnie?" you asked politely. "R-right!" He answered. "Cemme on. No need to be jealous." You smiled as you kidded with them. Later on the way back Raph was carrying your sleeping body in his arms as he walked the sewers with his brother. "I told you i was able to carry her." "I dont trust you right now." He said in his batman voice. And your hand touched his face as if you were trying to shut him up by slapping him barely but of course, it did nothing. He flickered his eyes by your LifeLess action. Mikey Snickered. Raph had placed you in his bed for the night like old times. You cuddled up with his arm. This made it very awkward for him to leave. So he stayed on the floor while his arm was still within your grasp.

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