- Jalisa's POV -
(Jalisa in media)

They threw me against a car as my back hit the door I fell to the ground.

Three other guys grabbed me by my arms as they tied a rope around my wrists.

"You all are just a bunch of cowards! I swear to God you all will regret the day you were born! 'Cause Karma sure is a bitch!" I screamed.

But, the crowd of bystanders all simply laughed along with the guys.

The end of the rope was tied to the back of the car. As, the driver started the ignition I had to run despite my twisted ankle or I would've been dragged around the bus ramp.

They swerved and they turned as they dragged me behind them, but I caught up every time.

They were going to have do a whole lot worse for me to give up.

- Shawn's POV -

I was stuck in utter shock as I walked with my head hanging low and my hands inside my pockets.

I couldn't understand what was going on, like the world was fading away from me.

I didn't even realize where I was until I heard someone walk in.

"I brought you some tea if that's alright with you?" Said a voice.

I looked over at a door and Smiles stood at the doorway with a tray of tea. I said nothing to her but just looked back out the window still lost in thought.

I was now slouching in a chair at a coffee table.

"I don't need anyone else to believe me but I just need you to believe me Shawn, please!"

Those words echoed throughout my mind as I stared out the window at absolutely nothing.

All of a sudden I felt a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders from the back of the chair.

"Shawn, I've been in love with you for a very long time." Smiles said softly into my ear, "Jalisa has always been in my way from the start."

Then all of a sudden everything came back to me. Flashes of the times when Jalisa would always stand up to me, and the time when we were in the elevator...

I immediately stood up from chair causing Smiles to back up.

"Jalisa!" I blurted out as I quickly walked towards that door from before.

But, Smiles blocked my way as she screamed out, "I love you! Did you hear what I said! I fucking love you!"

"I left her... she's in danger isn't she..." I said softly, "I have to go get her. I have to leave now." I said as I continued towards the door.

Smiles then wrapped her arms around my waist, "You can't go now! Please, stay with me! I've always loved you, I need you!" She screamed tears falling from her eyes.

But as she spoke Jalisa's words continued to echo throughout my head.

"Don't listen to a thing Simonea says, she's making it up! She's the one who set this all up!"

"Wait, Shawn please!"

"I don't need anyone else to believe me but I just need you to believe me Shawn, please!"

Realization finally hit me as I finally understood what was going on.

Smiles was slowly pulling me into a kiss instantly causing me to push her off me.

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