Chap. 38

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Trinity's POV

"I'm so sore," I complained, flopping down on my bed.

"Join the club," Nicole called from my floor.

"My body has never hurt so much," Mackenzie agreed from the chair.

"I brought you girls some lemonade," mom said, coming in. "And after you shower, I'll take you guys out for lunch."

"Food?" Nicole asked, with a hopeful smile.

"Food," my mom promised, laughing. She left the glasses of lemonade on my dresser before heading downstairs.

"This had better be worth it," Mackenzie said, with a sigh.

"If we place in this competition, we get to go to California," I said, with a smile. "How can it not be worth it?"

"Because the last competition we didn't place," Nicole groaned. "And we ran suicides until our legs fell off."

"So then we better place this one," I said. "Because I didn't do all of this conditioning for nothing."

I heard a door slam, and then a few seconds later another door slam.

"What's that about?" Mackenzie asked me.

I shrugged, getting up to get a glass of lemonade. "Part of me knows I should go and find out what's going on, but the other part of me really doesn't want to know."

"Go find out. Mackenzie and I will take a shower to get ready for lunch while you do," Nicole said, standing up.

I let myself into Tyler's room. He was powering up his computer, talking to himself.

"Have a fight?" I asked, plopping down on his bed.

"What?" Tyler asked, turning to face me.

"The slamming doors?"

"What slamming doors?"

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Two doors just slammed. I thought you and Shane had a fight."

"No, I've been out with dad today."

We both raced downstairs. Tyler headed back for Shane's room, and I headed into the kitchen.

"It's my fault," Mr. Dawson was saying to my dad.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Shane and Mr. Dawson just had an argument," my dad said. "It's fine."

"So it was you two who slammed the doors?"

Mr. Dawson raised an eyebrow at me. "I didn't slam a door."

"Shane probably slammed both the doors," dad said, rolling his eyes. "Is Tyler already on it?"

I nodded. "Well, if it's nothing I need to worry about, I'm going out for lunch with the girls and mom."

"Have fun," dad said, kissing my cheek. "But you might want to think about taking a shower first."

I slapped his arm before heading upstairs, turning on the TV in my room while I waited for one of the showers to free up.


"So how're you enjoying your summer vacation?" mom asked, as I came downstairs.

"I'm not," I answered, accepting a chocolate chip pancake. "I'm so sore that I can't even enjoy it."

"Just one more day before the big competition!" mom said, kissing my cheek.

"It's a tournament mom."

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