Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in Love With my Brother's Archenemy

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Chapter One

My name is Alice Lily Potter. I am the sister of none other than the boy who lived.

I'm not the girl who lived. There was no such thing, when referring to me.

And this is the story of how I fell... Hard... In love with one of my brother's worst enemies.

Fifteen years ago my brother and I were born. Harry Potter did not know he had a twin sister... Why you ask? James and Lily Potter had no choice. They swore to protect me and my brother, and they thought the best way to that was to separate Harry and I.

I was sent to an orphanage while Harry got to stay with mum and dad.

Four years ago Harry got his acceptance letter at aunt Dursley's and I got mine at an orphanage, Jane's Orphanage For Girls. That was the year he met me, and was told we were siblings.

We met but three months later I had to go to the orphanage because of personal reasons.


"You couldn't have fallen in love with him!" Harry screamed.

"You don't get to chose who I fall in love with!" I wailed.

"You've only known him for two months!! Plus he's a bloody git!!!"

I knew Harry was pissed but I kept on arguing.

"It's been three months!" I said in a matter-of-factly-way and ignored his last comment about the boy I loved.

"Well forget it.... Leave then." Harry cried.

"Don't worry I will!" I yelled .


I was young and leaving Hogwarts and the boy I loved was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

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